Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Basking in the Glow

I have a horn and I'm going to toot it.

I won an award!  The Newbie Blogger Award over at Gothridge Manor, to be precise.  Yeah!  I'm a newb!  Or, as my son would say, I'm a BEAST FAIL NOOB.  Um, that is a good thing, right?  These kids and their slang.

So thanks for the award Tim.  And thanks for the nomination, Mike.  And if I know how these things work, thanks Happy Whisk!

I'd like to thank my son for providing content and laughs.  Also, a huge bowl of thanks goes out to E. Gary Gygax - because those of use with first names we hate so much that we can only refer to them by one letter have to stick together.  Oh, and for writing some stuff.

- Ark

PS Oh yeah, and YOU the reader.  Yes, YOU.  Reading.  Now.  YOU.  Thanks.


  1. Ha, you are very welcome Ark. Tell your son to keep coming up with great material for us to read. I hope this gets you a few more well deserved readers.

  2. As one of your belt-wearing readership, I approve of the awarding of this award and of the use of suspenders to maintain the upright nature of fishnet stockings.

  3. Congrats on your Newb Award. Very cool. Very fun.

  4. @Tim - I made the mistake of telling my son that I mentioned him in a blog. Now he thinks he an internet celebrity. Oy vey. Thanks again, and oh yes, the blog stats are though the roof. The Newbie Blogger Award has great power. With great power come great responsibility. Use it wisely, or something horrible may happen to a relative in a comic book panel.

    @biopunk - LOL. Thanks. And that LOL was a real LOL, mind you. Noise came out of my mouth and everything. Belt-wearing readership. So, if that Limbaugh guy had Ditto-heads, do I have Belt-wearers?

    @John - Thanks a bunch! Gotta love your ID btw. Brock Rocks.

    @Whisk - Yeah! And gotta love your ID too. All kinda Linda Carter goodness going on there!

    - Ark