Sunday, January 16, 2011


My son and I trucked on over to our friendly local game store Saturday morning and played some 4e in Living Forgotten Realms.  We had a blast.  He plays a seven foot fighter named Regdar and I play and annoying little halfling Ardent named Chicory Chives who taunts monsters during combat.  Or outside of combat.  Or wherever.  Our favorite tactic is for Chicory to use a power that triggers Regdar to attack.  So Regdar can attack all day long while Chicory basically just shoves Regdar back into the fray over and over again.

Yeah, I bitch about 4e and it sucks on so many levels.  But anything my kid and I can do together and have fun with is worth a billion dollars in my book. And my son gets to interact with guys (and girls) from his age, all the way up into their gray years.  The average is probably 17-20 or so. 

So during the game, I go up to the counter to grab me a drink.  (They have a coke machine in back, but the Coke Zero is all in a little mini fridge back behind the register.)  One of the game store employees is having a serious faced discussion with one of our game organizer, who is somewhere around my age.  The employee was saying something to the effect of:

". . . and the hygiene.  I know it's embarrassing to mention to them, but some of these kids need to take a bath.  The smell is offending other customers."

The organizer nodded politely and said that he’d mention it.

" . . . and the language.  It can get disrespectful.  They shouldn't be saying anything here that they wouldn't say in front of family members."

The organizer nodded politely and said that he'd handle it.

" . . . but worst of all is the mooning."

The employee had a very serious look on his face.  The organizer cocked his head.  I cocked my head too.

" . . . not once, but several times has a customer walked in through that door and been greeted by the tops of two cheeks and an ass crack.  The kids are standing there with their pants almost on the ground and their backs turned to the door.  I can't have customers seeing that the first thing they walk in through the door.  This is a business."

I'm about to die.  Really.  Just crawl on the floor and laugh until I die.

The organizer nodded his head calmly without missing a beat.  "I'll talk to the boys about belts."

I calmed down a tad.  "Suspenders," I piped in after a second.  "We could hand out suspenders.  They hold up pants with a lot less wardrobe malfunctions."
I don't think they appreciated my input.  I almost  mentioned to them that when I was my son's age, I was running around in rainbow suspenders with Mork from Ork buttons pinned to them.  It's probably a fact that I shouldn't tell anyone at all though.

- Ark


  1. Very cool about your son and you playing at the game shop.

  2. @ Whisk - I enjoy it. Playing at the game shop is quite convenient, as we can play when we like and don't have to keep up with any particular schedule. And honestly, most people actually do wear belts. :)

    - aRk