Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Right Along

As a student of Zen, I should really know when the universe is kicking me in the ass to do something.  Okay Universe - I get it.  Type IV is dead - long live Labyrinth Lord.  Sheesh.  Shut up already.


So, moving right along, I'm working on a world that supports the classic D&D feel.  I'm having to scrape 4e thoughts out of my mind.  Little things like elves being short little dudes that live over 1,000 years, instead of being human sized with 300 years lifespans - these differences really matter.  The continuity of elven culture would be much more pronounced.  If you can go ask great great uncle Ed what life was like 1700 years ago, well, chances are that kind of society would change very slowly.

Fourth Edition also harps on the fact that the different races are all mixed up all over the place - so while there might be more humans in general, every little village will have some dwarves making swords, halflings hanging out around the tavern, and the ubiquitous half-orc down the road selling doorknobs, or some other stupid things.  Blech.

I've made a rough draft of a map for my new campaign.  I've marked areas where different races hang out and there is little fraternization.  Most races are more likely to kill each other than sell each other door knobs.  To me, that feels more like old D&D, but perhaps that was just my pre-teen take on how such a world would be.  You know, dwarf-lords in their halls of stone - and all that jazz.  You can click on the map down there and it should pop up a bigger one with my nasty chicken-scrawlings more visible.

The idea behind this campaign is that in the past, there was a devastating war lasting thousands of years between the forces of Law and Chaos on the continent.  Some humans escaped it by sailing to distant islands and hiding.  Chaos won, but Chaos doesn't tend to maintain roads or stabilize local governments or anything useful like that, so everything fell apart.

A thousand years later, these islander humans - all pumped up on the religion of Law - come back to the continent to rehabilitate it.  Five hundreds years after the first colony was built, the humans are still having a hell of a time keeping order.  Boat crushing sea mosnters, hordes of goblins and orcs, pissed off elves, grumpy dwarves, rabble-rousing halfings, blight-ridden lands, evil high priests, cannibalistic necromancers, and mysterious slavers from the west tend to get in the get in the way of organization.

Who you gonna call?

Enjoy the rough, raggedy map.  I'll be focusing in on the central area and developing a hopefully worthy campaign soon.

- Ark


  1. If the PCs feel safe on a boat, the DM is not doing his job properly. :)

    - Ark

  2. that's a kick-ass map.

  3. @Valentina - Thanks for the kind words.

    - Ark