Friday, January 21, 2011

Sherman and Mr. Peabody

After I chipped my way through the ice into the car this morning, my son and I began the short trek to school.

"So you want to play a game tonight?  We could play Trouble or Sliders."  When the boy asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told him 'boardgames you'd like to play with me.'  Ties suck.  He got me (R2-D2 is in) Trouble and Sliders. Much better than ties.  Oh, that is Sorry Sliders, not the TV show with Jerry O'Connell and John Rhys-Davies - though the first two seasons of that would have been cool too.

"Um . . ." he started off with the tone in his voice he gets when he thinks I'm not going to like his answer.  "Maybe we could play Castle Ravenloft or Small World."  The two were games I had put on my Amazon wishlist for Christmas and actually received.  He had been on a Trouble and Sliders kick and the change piqued my interest - but the punch in the arm from the slug bug sighting interrupted my train of thought.

"Ow! You got me!" 

Then I smiled back at him.  "How about Castle Ravenloft - since I finished reading the rules on that one and haven't started on Small World yet."  I still had twenty pages to read of a Living Forgotten Realms mod I was running on Saturday morning and didn't want to learn an entirely new game all at the same time.  My brain is old and floppy and can't keep up like it used to.

"Great!" he smiled.

"So two different types of D&D in two days.  Wow." I pulled into the dropoff lane.  "That reminds me.  My copy of Labrynth Lord should be arriving in the mail this weekend.  We can take Denis the fighter out for a spin soon."

"I shoulda named him Regdar." he sighed.

"Well, lets keep him as Denis for our Basic type D&D test game.  You'll need to roll up a new guy for the the AD&D type campaign.  Why don't you call that one Regdar?"  The possibility of the first Basic D&D character he creates to die a miserable death is high, so I really didn't want to kill a Regdar on my son's first outing.

"Okay," he said without a fight.  "I'll keep Denis, and the new guy for AD&D will be Regdar the First."

A look of confusion spread over my face as he got out of the car. 

"My original Regdar was the one we played in the Sea of Tears game.  He's Regdar the Second.  Regdar the Third is the Regdar in Living Forgotten Realms.  So the AD&D Regdar will be Regdar the First."

"Huh?" I asked, knowing that the parents behind me were getting angry, but having a burning desire to know what the hell my son was talking about.

"It' OLD Dungeons and Dragons dad.  OD&D.  OLD.  We are going back in time, right?  So this will be Regdar the First.  Duh."

It took me a while for my brain to parse that.  "Oh."

"Bye Dad!"

Geeeez.  The neighborhood parents must hate me by now.

- Ark


  1. Laugh-out-loud! I am loving these father & son school commute dialogues:

    Will the son stick with a D&D edition, 'real' or otherwise?

    Will he like Labyrinth Lord?

    Will he embrace the 'Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space' RPG and attempt to visit each and every incarnation of Regdar in his TARDIS?

    Or, at least until his old man chases down a copy of the 'The Doctor Who Role Playing Game' FASA made back in 1985...


  2. The first step to longevity for the
    “Old School Renaissance”
    Is to ditch that awful name.
    For the hobbyist version of the games to survive, it must appeal to youth,
    not just kids that want to spend time with their dads.

    “Old” = not cool
    “School” = boring
    “Renaissance” = bad clothes

    We should call our style of gaming
    ‘CLASSIC Roleplaying’

    CLASSIC = cool and valuable
    Classic cars, classic vinyl, etc. .

    ROLEPLAYING = acting,
    Everyone wants to be a movie star,
    Even cooler if you can play Conan or James Bond

  3. @biopunk - The suspense is KILLING me! It will be fun to find out what he likes. But yanno, if he ends up liking tiddly-winks - well - we'll be playing tiddly-winks, so it's all good.

    And yeah, I remember that FASA Dr. Who. My friend had it and I read it back in high school. We talked about it, but nothing ever came of it. I've seen the new one - but the price tag has kept me scared away so far.

    Regdar in a Tardis. Could be dangerous. I'm getting visions of Leela - with a whole lot less cleavage.


  4. @Clovis - While I had some initial objections to what you propose, giving it a night's sleep - actually, I think it is incredibly cool.

    I hate to say the word 're-branding,' but yeah, that thing I didn't want to say. "Old School" or "Old Guard" appeals to a sense of nostalgia. It's 'message' ain't hip. It's ain't, as the 5th graders are saying these days, BEAST.

    Classic sounds better.

    The only problem I see is the definition of classic. If you are going for like use like "Classic Greece," it's fine. But you might have people think more in the classic car kind of vein, which has very specific definitions.

    A classic car is 25 to 40 years old. This year, that gives us a range of 1971 - 1986. That's a fair range. But soon, those initial Gygaxian stabs at D&D will fall off the back and enter the Antique classification. And eventually, in 2033, Type IV D&D will be a classic. Frightening.

    But that's nitpicking on definitions.

    I like your idea of for the use of the term "Classic Roleplaying." It would give us a common phrase so we could at least find thing in Google efficiently. :)

    I your idea should be proposed to the blog-o-sphere, vetted, and if people are comfortable, we all start using it. Well, that's how I vote anyway. :)

    - Ark