Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Talk

So I had "The Talk" with my ten year old son in the car going to school this morning.  It went something like this:

"Son, since the Savage Worlds campaign really never took off, I'm thinking about running an original D&D game.  A whole campaign, not just like the stuff we do in game store."

He tilted his head.  "You mean the one we started on - the one before Essentials?"

"Eh - no.  That's 4th Edition.  I mean the one way before that.  The one I played when I was about your age."

He looked at me as if I was a bike thief.  "I don't know."

"The one I told you about before.  You don't need minis because you do everything in your mind.  You don't have all of those powers.  A fighter would make their basic melee and that's that - but you'd get to describe it how you like and pull off special things not in the power description.  Combat goes a lot quicker that way, so you can have a lot more fights."  I hastily tried to sell the abstract combat system in the school drop-off lane.

"I like the old way."

I shrugged.  "Well, I'm thinking of pulling together a game, and if you'd like to play, you can."

He thought silently as the car behind us grew impatient.  "I guess so, but if it sucks, can you run a real D&D game?"

I smiled.  "Sure.  But it should be fun."

He eyed me as he got out of the car.  "We really need to talk more about this when I get home."

I chuckled.  "Sure thing.  Now get going before you're late."

Sheesh - the trials of being a parent.  I swear. :)

- Ark


  1. Cool!

    Hope the next talk opens up some new gaming horizons, and even if it doesn't, there is still that "real" D&D game... :D

  2. @biopunk - well, what he wanted to talk about was to make sure that if the OD&D game fell through, I'd run a 4e campaign instead. lol. I think he wants to make sure that Dad doesn't go off on another weird tangent, like pulling out the Traveller books or something.

    But we did sit down and roll up some Labyrinth Lord characters. Rolling for stats, hps, and money are going to take some time for him to get used to, but he appear to be pretty happy with Denis the Fighter. :)

    - Ark

  3. That's a good retelling. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed that.

  4. @Whisk

    I'm very happy that you enjoyed it. My son is the source, though. I just report. :)

    - Ark

  5. I love it! I've been running a game with my own son (8) and some neighbor 8-year olds and their dads using Moldvay BX. It's been going 6 months or so now.

    But he can't get out of his head that 'real D&D' is the one with the minis, the dungeon tiles, and those glossy 4E books. :sigh:

    Right there with ya.

  6. @Beedo - It's hard to take away a boys action figures, yanno. If someone would have tried to take away my Kenner Luke Skywalker with lightsaber slot down the side of his arm, well, I wudda just . . . wudda just cried.

    In thirty years your son will be trying to convince his son to play D&D properly with minis and detach his brain from the damn D&D HOLOGRAPHIC HIVE MIND.

    - Ark

  7. I don't see why you people have such a problem with Holohive D&D. You don't have to buy minis anymore or store them on a shelf or sleep. I hit 112th level with my Double-Hobbit Crabmancer and it hit me with enough endorphins to detonate a giraffe.