Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today I Tried to Kill Zeb Cook's Nephew with a Pack of Wild Dogs

I'm in ur liteboks steelin ur lite
My son and I headed off to the local game store this morning to play Living Forgotten Realms.  When we got to the store, I noticed that everyone was wearing belts. 

Despite the belts, I saw a pair of fleshy cheeks and a crack at a table.  This was from a guy I know graduated high school in the 1990s.  We can't go around blaming the teenagers this time.  It was a man unknowingly showing off his man ass.  It was cold this morning. Did he not notice the breeze?  Hmm.

I DMed an LFR mod where there are mysterious sicknesses plaguing a floating school.  The PCs are hired to take on the role of substitute teachers and track down the hidden menace.  There were lots of opportunities for role play, and the group that I was with took full advantage of them and we had a great time.  For the first time in quite a while, We had more ROLE that ROLL. 

One of the guys there who I've been playing with for some time turns out to be David "Zeb" Cook's nephew.  He mentioned it after the game when I steered the conversation to AD&D.  I had no idea they were related.  Zeb Cook worked many of the awesome games and mods I played in the 80s.  He also was the lead designer on the reason I fled D&D and didn't return for 20 years - the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

Zeb's nephew is one of those people who is very inventive with his characters. They all some some bizarre neurosis or characteristic.  There was the guy who would attack any statue he saw.  (Pretty good survival tactic in D&D, actually.)  There was the Warforged that thought he was a gnoll.  And then there is the current character, a shaman that . . . well . . . it gets complicated.  The shaman's spirit companion is actually the one in charge.  The mortal husk of a shaman is more of a host for the spirit.  Needless to say, my son loves his wacky antics. 

So, today I tried to kill Zeb Cook's nephew with a pack of wild dogs.  I failed, but I did put some severe pain on him.  Take that, Second Edition AD&D!  Booyah!

- Ark

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