Thursday, February 10, 2011


In my file rummaging I found another sea-faring related idea of mine that I had forgotten - the feycutter.  As my Sea of Tears campaign was 4e, it contained the requisite eladrin PCs and NPCs.  For those of you who don't know, an eladrin is like a super-elf, hailing from the Feywild, which is like the super-elf plane oozing with super-fairy dust.  Some eladrin lived in the 'real' world, and basically put their elven cousins to shame on how 'elfy' they were.

A feycutter is a ship of eladrin design, exquisite in form and durable in function.  The feycutter can travel up to 15% faster than a similarly classed ship.  This speed boost comes from having at least two masts - one normal, and one magically enhanced to catch the wind in another dimension - usually the Feywild.

As the feycutter's sails are pushed in two different directions, crew members must have extensive training on how to operate and maneuver these lithe vessels.  The fey-sail's immersion into the Feywild is variable, so the additional thrust can be carefully applied and much less tacking is necessary.

Also, since the feycutter uses 'more' wind than standard vessels, it can always outrun a standard vessel of similar class at a particular time.  Due to the difficulties inherent in construction, a feycutter will cost at least 300 times that of a similar, single-winded craft.

To translate the feycutter into more classical versions of D&D, one could say they were manufactured by elves and are their 'feysail' is actually tapping into the etheric wind.  Note that these are not spelljammer ships.  They float - they don't fly.

Feel free to use the feycutter in your own campaign.  They are particularly effecive when used by jerky, drunk elves who throw beer cans at the PCs, then sail away without any fear of being caught. :)

- Ark

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  1. Super fairy dust and vessels that use more wind than normal. Cool beans.

  2. @Whisk - Hmm - it may be those cool beans that help to create more wind than normal. :)

    - Ark