Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Map's Up

Okay, not the island one - the boy's map.  He finally finished tinkering with it and coloring it and the wonderful work of art is up on display here.  It's the land of Flornar in the year 1207.  Apaprently, EVIL is afoot.

For the first itme in 25 years, I've rolled up a character for an RPG that I seriously intend to play.  I'm quite tickled.   Prickly Buckthorn is a gentleman adventurer who owns no shoes, but is proud of that fact.  He's from the Misty Isle of Isniri where, evidently, people disappear in the mist and never return - or so says my son.  

Prickly is kind of concerned about the whole mist thing and has decided to leave his home island as soon as possible.  After all, giant alien bugs could be in the mist.  That would be bad.  But luckily the boy doesn't read Stephen King.

The boy appears to be trying to drum up some players over there on his page.  I might have to help him redirect that energy to the kids in the neighborhood. 

Does anyone know of some low level OSR adventurers that are relatively short and easily digestible by a ten year old boy - adventures his father could just print out and hand him without having to read and spoil the surprise. :)

- Ark


  1. If people just "disappear" on the Misty Isle, then I am certainly *not* going to be found swimming in Lake Morgan any time soon!

    I'd suggest Dyson Logos' Goblin Gully. It was written for a level 1-2 B/X or Labyrinth Lord party. Most of the important stuff, like monsters treasures and spells, is in boldface, so it may make it a bit easier to prepare.

    It is a cross-sectional map though, so not really conventionally 'mappable' without a little extra work on Regdar's part.

    The first couple levels of Dyson's Delves dungeons may work out too.

    Good luck with the quest. I'd be interested in finding myself any adventures for aspiring junior DM's too.

  2. Great map your son did. Most impressive, indeed.

  3. @biopunk - Thanks. I've printed it out and handed it to the Boy. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. Honest. Who knows what will happen now. :)

    @Whisk - Thanks! He's stocking the lands with things that will kill me already!

    - Ark

  4. @Roger - Oh cool - thanks for the link!

    - Ark