Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Surts' Island Draft

The weekend was pretty busy, and I swore to myself I wouldn't blog till I had finished up at least a rough draft of my island.  I kept to the letter of the law - but not the intent, when I saw one of Telecanter's found treasures and had to go on and on and on about it.  I swear, he always finds cool stuff.  You know that boy who stuck in a thumb and pulled out a plum?  Yeah, that's Telecanter as a kid.

So I finished the rough draft.  It needs a hacksaw taken to it - and maybe an arc welder - but it's done.  I couldn't keep it down to a page.  Verbal diarrhea I guess. So it's two pages.  With teensy font.  I apologize for your eye strain.

The link is here.  Again, this is on Goolge Docs, which makes pdfs look crappy.  Just click File and save it to your desktop and read it via acrobat.


- Ark

(Check out the rest of the Sea of Os'r Project over at the Lands of Ara.)


  1. Looks great! What software did you use to generate the hexmap?

  2. @Carter - Thanks! Actually, I got the map from the hex generator at incompetech.com. I just fiddled with the knobs until I got the right look - then I sucked the pdf up into Photoshop and drew the island on layers underneath it and applied the hex as a layer burn. Um. I think those are the right words to describe what I did.

    - Ark

  3. AWRSUM thanx for sharing dood! Can you make this a regular feature? I need enough hex settings like this to fill every 6 mile hex of my campaign...it's only about the size of scotland k? thanx