Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tim Shorts Did Not Rip Me Off

Over the years, I've been leery of PDFs for cash.  Rarely do I feel what I received was worth the money.  Most of the time, I just feel like someone took advantage of me and I need a hot shower and a good scrub down with a thick bristle brush.

Knowledge Illuminates, by Tim Shorts, has broken that mold.  It's a fifteen page, low level adventure culminating in a dungeon crawl.  I'm sure you had that figured out already.  What's nice about it is that it actually makes sense.  All the bits and pieces build into a cool story for the players, and it was an enjoyable read.

There is also a rather heavy, potentially campaign changing idea in here.  I'm talking about the Viz.  No, not the anime distribution company.  It's a . . . thing . . . which does a . . .  thing.  Let's just say it has to do with magic.  I quite like it.  But it has the potential of completely taking a standard D&D type universe and giving one heck of a tweak to the magically inclined.  I don't' know how that would play out in a campaign. 

However, the inclusion of one of Dr. Seuss' most lovable characters as the main villain is very confusing.  Hmm.  Oh.  Not Lorax.  Lorox.  Oooooh.  Um, never mind.  Forget that.  My bad. :)  The big baddy is particularly cool and creepy and - well - just imagining him - the way he is described - might give me nightmares tonight.

The adventure sprinkles all sorts of hooks throughout, and by the time the players are done with the adventure itself, they will not be lacking for things to do.  A lot of things.  A lot of scary things.

This is definitely one I can recommend.

- Ark


  1. Man, you had me worried with the title. Lorax huh. Maybe I was channeling my dark Seuss. Ark, really happy you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!

  2. Tim just read this to me while I was on the couch. Funny stuff. Loved it. Thanks for the support. And the great title. What a hoot.

  3. @Tim - Honest, I did not mean to scare you. I even checked like SIX times to make sure that the word "Not" was properly in the title. :) Dark Suess indeed . . . talking evil pick axes.

    @Whisk - I'm glad you enjoyed it. The thought that someone would read my words out loud to an audience - even of one - is a new one. Is that why my ears were burning? :)

    - Ark

  4. Tim read the title twice to me. It's just so great and then he read the post. I love that you checked it six times to be sure it read, not. That's great stuff. So glad to have found your blog. Good stuff. Good stuff.