Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've written this post countless times over the last few days and deleted it an equal amount.  I've posted some information, then removed it, which has probably confused some who have caught snatches of it.  To sum up,

My son has been bullied at school for a while now, and it has taken a very heavy emotional toll on him.  He has a large amount of people surrounding him to help him through this, ranging from family to professionals.  Steps are being taken to make things right.

My son is different in many of the same ways that I am, and many of the ways that I think anyone who sits down and writes a blog abut role playing is different.  Differences get pointed out in painful ways.  It hurts down deep to see my boy have to go through this.

Things are now getting better, but it has been very rough.

I'd like to thank Johnathan Bingham, ze bulette, Telecanter, Mike, Spawn of Endra and Chris Hogan for your support, and I am sorry that your posts were deleted when I deleted the blog entry.  I have them in email and I am keeping them, having reread them many times already.  They mean a lot.

I'd also like to thank Harald over at The Book of Worlds for a very succinct reality check .  The flat of your Viking battle axe upside my temple has cleared my head.  Seriously.  Thanks.

- Ark


  1. So sorry but glad things are getting better.

  2. Bullying's a really vicious thing to happen to a kid and it's something that we talk about all the time in my Young Adult classes at library school. I was bullied pretty steadily when I was young, so any time I see something like that happening, I want to do my best to stop it.

    I'm glad to hear that you and your son are making progress to stop it. Sometimes speaking out about it can make all the difference in the world.

  3. I am sorry to hear this and I send my support as well.

    I was bullied a bit but it ended quickly as I either made the bullies laugh their asses off or reminded them I had more friends then they did.

    The mean are never mightier then the smart.

  4. I think you're probably right to delete the original blog at this point, but I don't think you were wrong to appeal to like-minded folks that are sympathetic to your situation, and that of your son, for their take on things. Of course we're not child psychologists, but if we were neighbors we'd be looking out for each others' kids.

    All the best.

  5. Good luck to your son and to you. Keep on top of the people at his school, and let your son know there are a lot of people out here rooting for him.

  6. If my kid was getting bullied it would tear me up inside. I hope you and your son see the other side of this nonsense soon.

  7. Ark,
    I'm very sorry to hear your son is being bullied, but he's lucky to have your support. I was bullied some, or at least teased relentlessly, in elementary school and while you get over it, it is no fun. I'm glad schools are more aware of the problem these days even if they don't seem much better equipped to handle it than BITD.
    We're all pulling for him!

  8. I have this lurking fear that my own boys (especially my older one) will experience bullying once they get a bit older. They are sensitive and creative and even if that were not the case, you can never know when bullying will manifest. Back in the day, I only experienced a short bout of it while in Middle School, but I still remember it.

    Good luck with your son. I hope things get better soon.

  9. Ark,

    I'm glad my axe could be used for good. You and your family has been in my thoughts since the original post. I hope you are doing well -- as well as can be expected under the circumstances, anyway.

    Take care of yourself, your wife, and most of all your son.


  10. Ark - I would have posted sooner, but you know, the whole work thing. Your post had me thinking all day if there was a way to help. I don't have great advice - we're home schoolers, and part of the reason is to avoid crap like this. And schools cater to the median or below.

    But Mrs Beedo had a good idea - she pointed out that since Regdar and Nogal are both gamers, and bloggers, maybe they'd like to be pen pals? Just an idea - I'd take the discussion off the blog, but if you like you can drop me an email to dreams in the lich house (one word) at gee male dawt calm.

  11. Man, I'm very sorry to hear this. I hope things improve soon. I wish I could offer more than simply 'positive vibes'.

  12. Your post really struck a cord.

    I was bullied mercilessly in the redneck Texas schools I came up in. Most of the time I tried to fight back, mostly with my tongue and there were a lot of clobberings.

    Now I am raising my own son and I worry for him when he gets to that age.

  13. I've tried to sit down and answer everyone individually, but things are still a bit too fresh - so I'll do a broadcast.

    Thank you so very much for your words of kindness, encouragement, and understanding. This has been a very trying time for us. Your messages have helped out a lot.

    My son would like to thank everyone for the encouragement and being 'on his side.' He really likes that.

    So thanks guys and gals - thanks a bunch.

    - Ark