Sunday, March 27, 2011

Links To Wisdom

There is a really nifty project called Links to Wisdom, cataloging all kind of smart stuff in the OSR blogosphere.  I feel left out of this project since I don't know where jack-crap is.  I read cool stuff, but I never remember where I saw it. 

So, I figured that since I happened to have the artistic muse buzzing around me at the moment, I'd try to be useful and do a logo for the site.  I'm a little bit unsure how to entry one for consideration, but I figured that if I just throw it off into the aether, it's probably end up before the right set of eyeballs.  Or, at least someone would hit me with the clue stick.

So here it is.  Feedback is welcome.  Coloring is always a possibility, if desired.  If it's not readily apparent why I drew this image for the Links of Wisdom site, then I have critically failed the roll on my Heraldry skill. :)

- Ark


  1. This evokes the right concept: pearls of wisdom. What color scheme would you go with if you decided to color it?

  2. Also, here is the "contest" info, from Daddy Grognard:

  3. @Carter - Thanks, I guess I'm not too far off in la-la land.

    As far as colors, well, I'd want one that is complimentary to the site - but that green is - kind of green. Orange and purple then, per COLOR LAW. But that just kind of sounds horrible. I was thinking gray-scale maybe.

    But what I I really see in the image is a sun - the pearl blazing like a star and the mother of pearl streaked a glorious rainbow of fire. But at that point we are going far beyond my artistic abilities, and out of the scope of what should be a pretty simple little icon.

    So, at this point, I just don't know - but am open to suggestions.

    - Ark