Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something for you d24 Lovers

Okay, it's not much, but here are two list you can use with your d24s.  I'll be using them in the next Labyrinth Lord game on Saturday.  Yeah, I know 6 more would have made it d30 worthy - but I'm giving a hand to the underdog here.  :)

Common Human Names
d24 Female Male
1 Adela  Aldous 
2 Alison  Alistair 
3 Amelia  Anselm 
4 Ava  Bertrand 
5 Belle Bryce 
6 Bliss  Caine 
7 Cass  Caspar 
8 Clarissa  Cid 
9 Colette  Colin 
10 Constance  Dawson 
11 Courtney  Fuller 
12 Ella Gavin 
13 Emma  Geoffrey 
14 Eve Godfrey 
15 Joan  Kimball 
16 Katelyn  Lance 
17 Katherine  Paul 
18 Latisha  Randall 
19 Morgayne Reynard 
20 Pagan  Sterling 
21 Paige  Tristan 
22 Rachel Tucker 
23 Tristana  Wade 
24 Ysabel  Walker 

Have fun!

- Ark


  1. Where do you get your d24s? None of the local shops here sell them.

  2. And just in case people don't know: you can do a 1-24 roll using a d6 (or any die, really) and a d12. Roll both dice, if the d6 comes up odd, use the 1-12 result, if the d6 is even, treat the d12 as 13-24.

  3. Greg - Anon's solution will work. You can get d24s via GameScience . Ask your FLGS to order them, or go to the horse's mouth at .

    - Ark

  4. @Anon: Well, you could also just roll 2d12 and add the results. Much simpler.

  5. Matthew, no, that doesn't work, because you have a range of 2-14 not 1-24, and it's weighted towards the middle....

  6. range of 2-24 that is.