Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tik Zak Toe

I was playing Tik Zak Toe last night.  It's basically a way to look at relationships of things in a game.  Go read it.  I'll wait.


While Zak initially aimed it at creating adventures, I began to think of another use (ed. or rather, I just checked and he mentioned this use too) - that of charting out relationships between entities in a campaign - kind of a record of adventures already gone by.  The things that go on between players and npcs can get messy and confusing in a long campaign, and the matrix is useful for examining those relationships.

Here is one I worked out last night for the Tales of the Razing Zone campaign I am running:

It's a fun exercise and got my head cleared up about some things, like how the Sorceress had never met Ferrit, but had put a price on his head.  That's good to remember when and if they finally meet.  I screw up things like that in campaigns.  Little details.  It's a neat tool.

- Ark


  1. He danced like a ferret in the show? That's a hoot.

  2. I've seen splatbooks in other RPGs that did this for their factions. "What does Clan X think about each other clan?"

  3. @Telecanter - Well, like a giant monster ferret - but yes! That reminds me, I really haven't mentioned that much about the campaign. I should probably write more about it.

    @Roger - I think there is something similar in the DMG or PH - can't remember which - about the races - Dwarves hate Orcs, etc.

    - Ark