Monday, April 25, 2011

Character Sketch - Imbroglio

Actual Photo
Imbroglio is Tim's first level elven fighter in the Razing Zone campaign.  Imbroglio worships the mysterious elven god Faux.  This god is so mysterious that no one on the planet has ever heard of him but Imbroglio.  Faux also talks to Imbroglio.  Often.  The DM is, however, unaware of most of these conversations as they take place inside of Tim's head.

It is rumored that Imbroglio was run out of the elven lands by his own kinsfolk.  Upon meeting Imbroglio, it is understandable why.  Imbroglio has large amount of pamphlets, explaining in full detail why everyone, including you, should worship Faux.  Did I say he has a lot of pamphlets?

Imbroglio runs a traveling road show, developed with the express purpose of spreading Faux's divine message.  The road show is comprised of many people that do not know they are part of the road show.  They just happen to be innocent bystanders.  Imbroglio uses his amazing feats of strength to sway potential devotees by breaking stick on his forehead.  Some say he has hit himself too many times in the head with wood.

Others say he was dropped when he was a baby.  A lot.  And then jumped on.  When I say others, I mean the Boy.

There are many ways that Imbroglio attempts to impress those unblessed with  the knowledge of Faux.  Part of the road show is devoted to wild animal taming.  Imbroglio, through the divine will of his god, causes wild beasts to become tame.  Regretfully, he does not have any wild beasts.  Luckily, he has convinced the halfling thief Ferrit to dress up as a giant wild ferret.  During the show, Ferrit acts wild, then is tamed and does a little jig for the crowd.  Imbroglio is pretty happy with the way things have worked out, except for the fact that Ferrit demands too much of a cut of the meager proceeds earned.

Fearsome Beast
The human lands that Imbroglio frequents are none too kind.  The humans only recognize one god - the Lawgiver.  While most try to be patient with Imbroglio, patience only goes so far. Imbroglio has a habit of making things up, like claiming to kill a dragon when he didn't.  When people have had enough of Imbroglio, they tend to incarcerate him, toss him into oubliettes, beat him senseless, steal all of his possessions, and throw him naked but for a burlap sack, unconscious, into urine filled alleys.  Not many people, including his friends, feel very sorry about Imbroglio's woes.

Despite all of his hardships, Imbroglio remains steadfast, fighting evil in the name of Faux armed with his mighty, and somewhat broken iron pick.  He helps raise his spirits by giving himself titles.  So far, he is now officially known as Imbroglio the Spider Squisher, the Dragon Slayer, the Orc Stinger, the Bee Slasher, and the Dryad Disappearer, and the Jello Snuffer.  Some of those things he didn't actually kill, but he's at least seen them, so he figures they must have died already, or will die at some point in the future.

The DM doesn't expect Imbroglio to last very much longer, but Tim is very hopeful the plucky little elf can go all the way.

- Ark 


  1. Ah! What a cute yet terrifying creature! lol.

  2. @Roger - Yes, yes he does!

    @Zombie - You don't know the true terror until you move your couch and find all the cute droppings.

    - Ark