Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crotchety Old Sour Man

So I'm on a message board that doesn't have anything to do with role playing games (yes, I have a deep life outside of role playing games) and a post pops up about older Dungeons and Dragons and getting a local game together.  I was all over that (okay, so my deep life outside of role playing games is more like a very shallow bathtub.)

Even though I have a group already going, I could always play some more, eh?

The organizer asked about what versions people are interested in, and I pop up with my 0e or 1e Old School Rocks spiel.  Then the avalanche of 3.5, 4.0, and Pathfinder post start.  People are hooking up right and left and I'm siting there with my dick in one hand and nothing else in the other. 

It made me feel old.

Old and lonely.

I remember when I was absent from D&D for years, then came in when 4.0.  I was with it, brah.  I was NOW.  I heard other people bitching about 4e and man - those guys were old crotchety bastard who just couldn't get with the future, baby.  They were stuck back in childhood nostalgia and were perhaps just bitter and nasty old people to begin with. 

So I sat there feeling bitter and nasty. 

But maybe . . .

Maybe I should give 4e another try.  I mean, what does a paltry 2 years of campaigning really tell a person about a gaming system?  Or maybe I should embrace Pathfinder?  Forget the boring ass game I had when I tested out 3.5.  Pathfinder couldn't really have hour long combats, could it?  Maybe if you just halve everybody's hit points or something.  I mean, maybe there was a way to be hip and modern and fun and not have to rewrite the newer D&D versions completely in a way that I hadn't tried yet?  Maybe?

Maybe I was just a stubborn bastard who would rather wallow in self-pity and melancholy rather than get with the new times and have some fun.

Then I received a private message on the board.  It was from a guy and his friend and they really wanted to get together with me and play some 1e.


Suck on THAT, modern day burnt coffee swilling smart phone addicted hipster D&D!  Imuna go crawl back into my caveman cave with some caveman buddies and play some real shit!


- Ark


  1. Glad to hear about the silver lining, I was almost ready to join in your despair!

  2. 1E - Now played with d30's!!!

    Whole new thing maaaan, whole new thang...

  3. I hear ya. Every time I start talking to my buddies about the good old days we spent in a keep on the borderlands they boo me down. They wont even help me design my b/x thingy. As my best friend put it "I spent 4 years trying to get you to play 3.5, I'm not helping you go back to AD&D now" I feel much older than my years some days,at least where roleplaying is concerned.

  4. If you're going to GM you'll need both hands so tuck the big boy back into your pants.

  5. Glad it worked out for you. I can relate... I don't really want to go back to 3.X ever again (the only edition I ever got rid of the books for.) I kept the 4E books, but I can't see going back to it except maybe as a 1-shot miniatures battle game.

  6. @Tim: LOL! i now have earl grey tea running from my nose as i type this...

  7. @Paladin - Yeah, sometimes I take board activity too seriously. :)

    @Zombie - Old? But zombie's don't age, do they?

    And have you finally played D&D yet?

    Why not? (tapping foot with arms akimbo)

    @biopunk - Yes - with d30s - how we used to do in in the old days - um - in Universe #57 on Plant Smark. Yeah. That's the ticket.

    @Pierce - Well, I think the key is to enjoy what you are doing at the moment and everything else falls into place. Barring that - have you considered covertly changing the rules - slowly - one at a time - until this modern thing you are playing as back to where it should be? ;)

    @Tim - Big boy? Well, thanks for the optimism, at least!

    @biopunk again - Earl grey running from your nose? Captain Picard would have you installed in his cabin.

    - Ark