Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dice Bonanza

Look what arrived in the mail today!

From top left to right bottom:
  1. A big-ass red d30.
  2. A big-ass d12 hit location die.
  3. A d30 alphabet die with 4 wildcard slots.
  4. A mythical rientsdie.
  5. A six-sided multiplier.
  6. An X/2X/3X d6.
  7. An eight-sided compass rose die.
Yeah!  I can officially join the Order of the d30 now!  I never realized, though, how freaking HUGE those d30s are.  And HEAVY.  You could put on of those in a sling and kill Goliath.  And they roll so strangely - like they can't make up their little minds.  It's a very odd beast.  But yeah!

Note:  Observers from across the house think that when I roll several d30s together on my desk, it sounds like loud farting.

- Ark


  1. Those are really cool -- some of them I've not seen before. Where'd you buy them, if I may ask?

  2. Aside from the alphabetical die and the red (not white) d30, that looks exactly like an order I made last year!

    The compass and multiplier dice are great for determining wind speed/direction for shipborne adventuring.

    And those d30s do have an awesome heft and truly aberrant rolls, that said:

    Please ensure that all male participants at the gaming table protect their family jewels while the d30 is being rolled, and continue to do so until the die has come to a complete rest.

    The preceeding message was brought to you by the OSR's Occupational Health and Safety Committee

  3. I need to get me some new d30s. Last one I had was more ball than die. It rolled for 4 day and 3 hours before it would stop.

    Very nice haul.

  4. @Bard - I got them over on ebay, from G-Squared Collectibles and Hobbies. Right nice folks, them.

    @biopunk - Great minds think alike! Good idea with the ships. For the d30s, I'll get a ball cup, just in case.

    @Tim - Or maybe you could just roll it in a big metal bowl so it clangs around a lot! That would make the neighbors happy.

    - Ark