Sunday, April 24, 2011


I'd like to congratulate Anthony Hunter on his logo that won the Old School Links To Wisdom Logo Contest.  A high-five goes out to Greg Christopher as well for his entry into the competition. 

Ah, well, it's a bummer to loose - but a temple probably speaks to people more than Calamity Clam the Bivalve of Old School Wisdom anyway. It's nice to see I got some votes on it.  But now, what the heck do I do with this logo thing? 

I figure that since I created it to give away, I should just give it away in the same manner that I did the Old School Rocks! logo.  I'm not sure if anyone wants it, however, or how to package it.  The image to the side over there is one idea.  I could see it on a t-shirt worn by some burly old grognard sitting at a table in a gaming shop.  Growling.  Biting other patrons.

Um . . . okay, maybe not biting, but looking smug.  :)  So, if anyone has any thought on the matter, let me know.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

- Ark


  1. Well, I voted for yours, but the chosen logo is also good.

  2. Thanks for the congratulations Ark, and I have to tell you, I really like the clam myself.

  3. It's a fun and suggestive illustration. The d20 of great price? Cast not your dice before swine? The RPG, like Aphrodite, being born from the sea foam?!La_nascita_di_Venere_%28Botticelli%29.jpg

    Aw, I can hear what you're saying: just clam up and play!

  4. @Anon - I appreciate it.

    @Zombie - Well thank you very much.

    @Malakor - Thanks! I've added yours and the link over there, to the right down there. I seriously need more blog screen real-estate. :)

    @Theodric - You know, while drawing the rpg clam I was not thinking of Botticelli at all. They I sat back and looked at the finished piece and went 'DOH!' Damn classical art classes sneaking up on me when I'm not looking.

    And yeah, clam up and play!


    - Ark