Thursday, May 12, 2011

Assume the Party Escort Submission Position

I finished Portal 2 Single Player last night and am still basking in the glow of my celebratory candescence. This is an awesome sequel to the nifty first Portal game. Chell and GladOS are back - but that shouldn't be much of a spoiler - as well as lethal testing for science, the weighted companion cube, and plenty of elevators. What's more, there are new characters - including Wheatley and Cave Johnson, various gels, repulsor beams, 'discouragement' beams, a potato, and a brand new end game song.

The single player game for Portal 2 (which is the only reason I actually picked it up - to heck with multi-player,) is longer and more difficult that the original Portal. As the scenarios fling you further and further into the bowels of the earth - and back again, they get more complicated as new technologies are added to the mix. The most time a test took me to complete was about an hour. It wasn't because of the difficulty, however. It was becasue as the options grow, it's easy to miss the simple stuff - like gravity. Gravity is your friend. It also kills you - but don't forget to use it to your advantage.

Beyond the game play is the story and the characters. It was great to see GladOS again - despite the fact that she is a homicidal passive-aggressive insane AI. You get a lot more back story and insight into what makes GladOS tick. The whole thing really reminds me of the heyday of the RPG Paranoia. That West End game was great fun to play - trying to survive the machinations of the crazy AI overlord in a future distopia. Portal 2 just really puts that concept into overdrive.

I highly recommend the game, especially if you liked the first Portal. It's a great mental workout. And now, I've got all sorts of new ideas (can you say Portal Wand?) for torturing the PCs in my Labryryth Lord game. I mean, helping them test - for science.

- Ark

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