Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It Still Hasn't Sunken In Yet

After killing two groups of morlocks, the party is confronted by 40 of their angry brothers, all armed with spears and changing down the hall at them.

The Boy: Uh . . .

Ron: Let's get out of here.

Merv: Forty?  Yeah.  Lets go.

Tim shakes his head and waves his hands:  Hold on, hold on.  I know the whole design philosophy is a bit different with these old games, but I'm not sure.  Would he really set us up to fail?  I think we should stay and fight.  There has got be be a way - some trick - some gimmick.  We can win this.  He wouldn't just keep on throwing things at us to kill us, would he.  Stand firm.  We can do this, guys.

Me:  What the hell are you talking about, Tim?  I attacked your group of first level adventurers with a DRAGON on a random roll.  You are not being paranoid.  I AM trying to kill you.

Tim looks back at me and scrunches up his forehead:  Oh.  Well, let's run away then.

- Ark


  1. You shouldn't have said anything.

    Letting them die is the best.

  2. I dunno, -C. I consider that "fair warning." ;)

  3. Time machine is a great movie!

  4. Hopefully it has sunken in now!

  5. I am surprised you warned them as such. Won't you lose your street cred or OSR Union Card or something? ;)

  6. Making them run is much better than just wiping them out. :)

  7. My players are finally learning to run away in my LL game...it's a nice feeling.

  8. Rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically. When will these youngsters learn? Maybe if we changed OSR to "Oh, S***! RUN!" it would help? :)

  9. Dear God I love Morlocks!!!!! In my Freecity of Haldane project, the deepest sewer levels teem with Morlocks, degenerate survivors of a race long faded from glory.