Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dungeonspiration: Vacation

I like my vacations slow, and it gives me a lot of time to just sit back and look at whatever is in front of me.  I developed an entire campaign world just staring at cliffs overlooking a lake.  This time it is the sea.   If the above video doesn't inspire you to assault your players with undead pirates, salt-kraken, eldritch sea dragons, buxom mermaids in the surf, and ancient bubble-cities rising up out of the waves, I don't know what will.  It's all there.  You just aren't squinting hard enough.

- Ark (Somewhere on the Texas coast)


  1. Funny I am on the Coast myself (a rain soaked Padre Island), thoughts definitely drifting to the nautical too.

  2. I'm in a deluge: just perfect for Urutsk.
    --Happy Vacationing. :D

  3. Ah, the TX Gulf Coast has years of memories for me. I completely agree that vacation recharges the imagination along with the rest of you. Enjoy!

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  5. @ckutalik - Bummer. You did get some rain then. I was up closer to Galveston, so I missed out on TS Arlene, but I did sketch some of the high level clouds coming off of it.

    @Timeshadows - Thanks, although I would expect the deluge needs to be a tad bit colder for Urutsk. :)

    @Theodric - The Gulf is still great after all these years. Not even BP could kill it off. :)

    @Zombie - Texas tends to do that. :)

    - Ark