Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Trees

Apparently I have been reading too many blog posts and comments lately, because I am finding myself angry at odd times of the day for absolutely no good reason. So I declare a BOB ROSS BRAND HAPPY TREE MORATORIUM on reading any blogs. I'm not sure when it will end, but at least until July.

I'll still write a few posts, if I have a brain-gasm, (and the Dungeonspiration series,) but that is about it.  Forgive me if I don't even look at the replies for a while. 


- Ark

PS - If you need to get in touch, you can figure out how, I'm sure.


  1. WTF! NO!

    Don't take blogworld too seriously, dude.

  2. Love Bob Ross - an inspiration

  3. It's good to take a sanity break now and then, it helps you to get back the realisation that most people in our hobby are good sorts and that the twits are in the minority, even if they often dominate the show. There's a few forums I have permanently given up for my own peace of mind and it's been great. I don't usually have a problem with blogs, I just avoid the ones that make me angry.

    Enjoy your break Arkhein and I hope you come back to blog reading feeling refreshed.

  4. Have a good break Ark.
    Speaking of trees if you are feeling arty and in the landscape drawing mood, and most importantly, it doesn't oppose the purpose of the break; then, I was going to ask you if you feel inclined to draw a symbolic picture of a forest/tree, mountain, marsh etc to go on the page in the Old School Adventure Guide that covers overland travel through forests, mountains, marsh etc.
    Sketch, black and White or colour.
    Only if the mood takes you Ark and it doesn't feel like work, the purpose of a break is rest!

  5. I just wish Bob Ross had been a game designer...

  6. Love the happy trees, I can even hear him saying "happy trees, happy trees." Good stuff.

    Blog breaks are nice. As for the twits, I agree with austrodavicus in that they are the minority. Hope they don't keep you away too long, because that's giving them far too much power.

    And really, there's always the delete button. You don't have to follow the crapheads or have them on your blog roll.

    But anyway, enjoy your break. Happy gaming.

  7. Taking a break is hardly a bad thing. It's far too easy to get caught up in things.

  8. I hope you have a good break and return soon. I hope the jerks don't ruin your experience of the neighborhood (bloggosphere). Padre

  9. Hey Ark, don't let all the garbage get you down. I just sent you a happy tree thought on my blog. Don't take a long break though, we all need more Dungeonsipartion.

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  11. I know what you mean, Ark, the volume of jack-assery seems to have gotten jacked up to 11 in the last week by a handful of bloggers really, really keen on doing so.

    I mean who cares about meaningful, non-derivative content when you can always fill your virtual venue with those coming around for the vicarious (and pathetic) thrill of flamery?

    It seems so pathetic and antithetical to what we are here for at the end of the day: to play some games and escape for a while from a real world gone mad.

    Speaking of Bob Ross, though, when I was a kid I would watch that show with my grandmother. I actually learned some techniques (perspective, how to model lighting, etc) from the show.

  12. When blogs go wild paint mini's!

    I'm gonna go look up antithetical. :)

  13. @Greg - Walking away is my way of reminding myself not to take it too seriously.

    @Matt - Bob does rock. Even if you can't paint worth a flip and never intend too, watching him work is a spiritual affair.

    @austrodavicus - Thanks. I'm so refreshed now, you can call me Febreeze.

    @scottsz - OMG. Bob Ross - game designer. Hmm. The games he would have designed would be the sort where everybody wins. I could deal with that. :)

    @Whisk - I took your advice and removed unfollowed one particular hate-monger. I feel much better now. :)

    @Knightsky - Yes it is - but I'm out of the snare now and am free-range again.

    @Padre - Thanks. Six months of good + couple minutes of bad = a pretty swell thing.

    @Tim - I saw - awesome. I kept up with the Dungeonsipartion - even going so far as to tie avi files to the legs of seagulls to transport back to blogger central. Hard - but it worked. ;)

    @ckutalik - I prefer to concentrate on the positive. I think that's why I don't watch much TV anymore. :) Well, except for Boss Ross, of course!

    @Cimmerian- Definition -> antithetical: The woman married to Uncle Thetical.

    - Ark