Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why I Am Broke

I had intended to regale you with more exploits at NTRPGCON, but I've found that my brain is fractured.  Instead, I offer you the contents of The Boy's and my swag bags:

  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing: Grindhouse Edition
  • Vornheim: The Complete City Kit
  • Sword & Wizardry: Complete Rulebook X2
  • Advanced Fantasy Miniatures - Lord of the Great Plains (NTRPGCON Exclusive)
  • Tourist Traps: A Swords and Wizardry Adventure by Dennis Sustare
  • The Dwarven Glory
  • Two sets of URUTSK: World of Mystery Player's Dice
  • B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
  • C2: The Ghost Tower of Inverness
  • I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City
  • I3: Pharoh
  • L1: The Secret of Bone Hill
  • S1: Tomb of Horrors
  • X1: The Isle of Dread
  • X2: Castle Amber
  • Legend of the Five Rings GM's Screen
  • Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary

The Boy does have other things, scattered around the house - dice and doodads and whatnot that I'm sure I'll never see again.  And the last two were raffle prizes, so they didn't make me broke. :)

I'd like to thank Timeshadows, Frog God, and Mythmere (and other people I don't know of yet) who showered The Boy with generous gifts and priceless good times.  We may be broke in cash, but we are certainly rich in warm feelings.

- Ark


  1. Most impressive.

    jealatinous cubed!

  2. Look at all that loot. Is your son going to blog about his trip?

  3. Wow, nice bag o' goodies!

    By he way, The Boy was definitely the star player of the con. I'm glad he had a good time and wasn't too freaked out by "the face" and/or experiencing his first PC death in the merciless hands of Jim Ward!

  4. Good lootin' - must be worth a couple of thousand XPs!!! ;)

  5. Yes, just to clarify, one set of dice was a gift. :D
    --I'm really pleased as punch to have been able to game with you and the Boy. Looking forward to next year. :D

  6. That was a very good trip. The photo emanates reading pleasure.

  7. I know how being broke feels...

  8. Glad you and your son had a good time! We loved having you. I was cringing a bit when Jim Ward was bringing the hammer down on your son, but then realized he was bringing the hammer down on everyone (survival in one of Jim's games is not any sort of given), so basically he was treating him just like any other player. It looked like he was having a ball!

  9. Some real gems there. Dwarven glory, cool!

  10. @bliss_infinte - I'm certainly excited about it! Thanks.

    @biopunk - While I didn't post this to make people jealous, I will take that as a fringe benefit. ;)

    @Whisk - You know, I mentioned it to him, and he's on the fence about it. He doesn't really get much joy out of writing. That's a foreign concept to me, so I'm not sure how to deal with it.

    @cyclopeatron - Thanks. The Boy really had a rough school year, and the con was a wonderful diversion. And with all the good will, it was a huge ego boost for him too. The 'Face' did freak him out quite a bit. You have a marvelous way of creeping people out. I mean that in a good way. :) And Jim Ward? Well, now it's the stuff of legends.

    @Flea - I bet I went up a level!

    @Timeshadows - Thank you very much. It was really great, and the Boy is eagerly waiting for next time.

    @Porky - Oh geez, you mean I have to READ all of it? That will take me forever! And I already have a huge unread stack. AAARRRGGHH! (Such a good problem to have.)

    @Zombie - Yeah, but as long as you can afford hotdogs and mustard, life is golden. ;)

    @Badmike - I was worried when the Jim's axe was falling too, but the boy took it like a champ and now he has bragging rights. Which he's already cashing in. :) Thank you again for such a wonderful con experience - oh - and thank you for having those modules on hand. I'm pleased as punch with them.

    @Pierce - I'm custard!

    @Paladin - You know, I had no idea what Dwarven Glory was. Then a knowledgeable convention-goer (a Canadian, btw) explained it to me slowly, in small syllables I could understand, and I ran over and picked it up. You know, Canadians are pretty smart, I'm finding out.

    - Ark

  11. Might just not be his thang. Or, maybe he'll come to enjoy it later in life. Either way, it's great that you guys had such a good time.

  12. Awesome! I hope next year the timing may be better for me.

  13. Not only broke but morally bankrupt! The nihilism is unbearable!

  14. @Brian - I have swagger in my swag.

    @Whisk - I think I need to buy him a tape recorder. Or whatever new fangled thing the kids use these days to record sounds.

    @Theodric - I hope the timing is better too!

    @Spawn - That's how I roll. Without meaning.


    - Ark