Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dicey Landscapes

I'm back from my coastal vacation.  It was very refreshing, and aside from the hardcore sunburn I idiotically gave myself, very pleasant.  The mental recharge was nice, and I was surprised at how much drawing I did.  I drew seaweed and dunes and waves and clouds and marshes and pelicans and seagulls and tankers filling up at oil platforms and tugs pushing barges filled with stacks of giant wind-farm propellers down the Inter-coastal waterway and bikini clad women drinking beer.

Strangely enough, I drew them all in circles.

In my teen age years, I kept a journal, and I'd start each writing session by drawing a mandala.  It's a kind of abstract art and meditative practice, in the form of a circle, in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  After a while, I wandered away from the abstractness and started just sketching whatever came to mind inside of a circle.

It's been years since I did drew that way, and I'm glad I rediscovered the technique.  It's very meditative.  Something about tracing out a circle and filling it with what I see is very fulfilling.  I'm not sure why filling up a rectangle isn't as enjoyable.

I also sat down and drew out some images for Jovial Priest's Old School Adventure Guide.  I drew them it the same fashion - in a circle - but from my mind's eye.  I just finished splashing some color on them, and here they are.

Click to see the little stuff

So hey, JP, here you go!  I'm not sure if this was what you were looking for, but here they are. :)  Thanks for the inspiration.

- Ark


  1. I like them.

    If I am guilty of anything it is taking everything too seriously. And that crime back in... no we best not speak of that.

    Welcome back Ark!

    They are way cool!

    Right Carter, there's your mountain symbol for the encounter table. I better get to work on the forest.

  2. Only just realised the most excellent mountain dice. Brilliant.

  3. Very cool and fun.
    --The Mountains are the best! :D

  4. @Jovial - Yes, let's not speak of that crime. :) Thanks, I'm glad you like them. I suppose at some point you'll want more. Just let me know. :)

    @Timeshadows - Thanks. The genesis of the Mountain one is funny. I sketched the image, and then sat and thunk and thunk on how I could incorporate dice. Then I noticed the shape of the mountains and went . . . D'OH!

    - Ark

  5. Agreed, these are AWESOME! Thanks Ark!!