Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vayniris Anthology Project

We are going to be writing an OSR story book!  It looks like there is enough interest to get a Vayniris anthology off the ground.  Thanks for everyone's support, either on the blog on through email.

The mock-up cover to the side over there is just a test.  I'd prefer to get a real artist to do the cover, rather than my blah blah scribblings.

If you are interested in writing a story for the anthology, let me know.  This is a volunteer type thing.  If we accidentally made a profit, I'd prefer the money go to somebody who really needed it, like the kids at Bryan's House.

I'll be sending out guidelines to all interested parties for writing in this shared world as soon as I finish them.  Honestly, I don't know what an OSR story is exactly.  What I see in my head are OSR inspired stories - pulp fiction style urban fantasy adventures worthy of being included in Appendix N.  It's somewhat hard to quantify that, but like porn, I'd know it if I saw it.

The question of what OSR really is gets into some sticky mud, but it does bring up a good question.  The version of Vayniris I'm using in gaming is based on 4e Essentials Races, classes, and mechanics.  But the story doesn't have to be.  Shouldn't be, really.  But what should it be.  Should the literary Vayniris be based off of original or B/X D&D tropes - with the races or spells to boot?  Or should it have completely original races, magic, etc?  I think that is a good question for potential writers AND readers.  Having a common D&D style base would be make a shared world easier to define, but would it be desirable?

Let me know your thoughts on it.  Thanks!

- Ark


  1. I would be interested in writing a story. I think there should be some sort of guidlines. Maybe some kind of underlying theme, to help tie the stories together ( aside from being set in Vayniris ), although it might not be necessary.

    For example, are the stories going to take place around the same period of time?

    Do the Fargates always work? Do they have a single focal point? Like the arch in the piture, or is just crossing some boundry enough? How do major events on world effect the others, i.e. quakes, floods, etc.

    I realize the city has been in existence for quite a while, but what about languages?

    If parts of the city exist on different worlds do the denizens of the other planets have access to Vayniris, or is it a closed system?

    I guess people could just write stories, but I just feel some basic guidelines would help with consistency.

  2. Keep me in the loop re: guidelines. I would gladly try to put something together.

  3. I'm interested. Please shoot the guidelines my way when you get to it. Thanks. Hartwell602 at gmail dot com.

  4. DUH... I reread the post, The city is on one planet, it's just really spread out. I have more questions, but thought I would wait until you've given it some thought.

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  6. Dangerous Brian said...

    Yup, sounds awesome. When you're guidelines are written up send a copy my way. brianrae1"hotmail.com
    Just replace the " with a @

    As to you're question, I'm easy. Though if you're going for an OSR feel to the book I'd suggest giving us a specific edition to work from, so that the authors have magic working the same way.

    Another question you might want to think about:

    Does every priest have access to clerical magic? or are only some priests actually clerics? If only some Priests are clerics, then can you have fighter priests, illusionist priests, magic-user priests and so on.

  7. I suggest sticking with the mechanics that captures the feel of what you want out of the city. I had thought about converting my own city project to Pathfinder, but felt the feel would be off. Just do what feels right and people will read and enjoy it!

  8. To me, old school was always about houserules and freedom of choice. So, if this is to be an OSR storybook why not let each author houserule their story however they like?

    Maybe it would be best to stipulate that the original city (before the gates were created) was strictly OD&D. Then as the empire expanded, the gates opened up to conquered lands further and further away, containing races from later and later editions.

    This way OD&D or B/X is the default, but the door is open for individual writers to throw in elements from another edition if they choose... or to have their story set entirely in a section of the city filled "completely original races, magic, etc".

    Just an idea.

  9. Okay, the writing guidelines are out to everyone interested now I think. It should answer most questions. And I'd like to that christian and Quibish for the input as well.

    - Ark