Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blogger Makes You Stupid

Yesterday I wrote a post entitled '4e Makes You Stupid.'  Rather than try to address all of the comments one at a time, I'll do it here.

I have no interest in insulting people or making them feel bad.  That last post did just that.  It's a half-baked rant that belongs in the car when driving to Taco Bell for 2am burritos.  I didn't think of how it could be interpreted by a wider audience.  It is a raw emotional response to real life events and needed some editorial review.

The core of the arguement - that RPGs can cause players and GMs to stick with problems and solutions that are easily presentable within the rules structure of the system is, I think, quite valid.  Thinking outside of systems is something I'm very interested in.  However, it's wrapped in a rant that makes some people feel as if I am attacking them.

If you are some psychopath running around killing or hurting people, then yes, I do want you to feel bad.  But if you are playing an RPG?  Sheesh.  No - that's cool.  Really cool.  Play and enjoy.

I will continue to rant about whatever gaming system has pissed me off at the moment.  But note - I'm bitching about words on paper.  My intention is not to belittle the actual players themselves.  Or the game designers.  Both my son and I play 4e.  There is a lot I like about it.  There is a lot that frustrates me.  I have handed WOTC more money that I can comfortably admit.

Some have suggested changing the title of that last post to something less incendiary, or just deleting the post.  I'm not convinced.  I'm thinking it should stay to remind me not to do that again.

And no, I didn't come up with the title to get hits.  It's just the first thing that came to mind.  I have a wonderful base of readers already, and I would much prefer people coming to this blog for positive, life affirming reasons than to jump into a fist fight.  I'll try harder next time.

Thanks for reading.

- Ark

PS - I don't really think that Blogger makes you stupid either.  It just helps to expose it.  An that 'you' right there in the title is 'me,' not you.


  1. I use blogger! Now I'm offended.

    Just kidding.

  2. Hang in there, Ark.
    --Opinions are free.

  3. This is your blog and you can write about whatever you want. And title the blog post whatever you want.

    If people are offended, they can go somewhere else.

    Your blog. Your rules.

    That said, hang in there and by gosh, keep being yourself and have fun blogging and gaming.

    That's my two cents for the day. Now back to eating ice cream. It's so nummy.

    Cheers and Hugs.

  4. Actually Blogger does in fact make you stupid. As does driving.

    I enter myself as evidence.

  5. @Jeffrywith1e - Crap - now I need to make ANOTHER post. ;)

    @Timeshadows - Thanks. Don't worry. I'm hung. Er. Um, that didn't some out right. o.O

    @Whisk - Thanks. If I'm going to be a jackass, I'd prefer to be a jackass about the right things, and in the right way. I have to use my jackassery sparingly - since I only have so much. :)

    @ckutalik - I've found that ice cream, lip balm, and roll on deodorant all make me stupid too. What is up with that?

    - Ark

  6. @Ark: well enough, apparently, that The Boy is offered up as evidence. Yes, Ark. We get it. Franks and Beans. ;)

  7. @Timeshadows - lol

    @Whisk - Ah, well thank you. :)

    - Ark

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  9. I just read the previous post and I have to say...OK, I really, really don't like 4E but to me the mentality in this post is backwards. It sounds like you're saying, "In order to have open-ended, free thinking approaches to problem solving, I need there to be rules for open-ended free thinking."

    To put it another way, I wouldn't put a mirror up to a Medusa because there are rules for it in a game, D&D, AD&D, 3.0, 3.5 or 4E. I would do it because it was in a Greek Myth book I read when I was like 8. That book didn't change. The original myth wasn't updated. I would most likely try it and let the GM worry about how it worked 'mechanically'.

    Remember Barking Alien's Rule #1 - "SCREW THE RULES". They only slow down game time.

    WV: rockb - When Plan A to Rock fails.

  10. Ark, as The Happy Whisk said "This is your blog and you can write about whatever you want." If people don't like it, they don't have to read it.

    It seems to me that some folks are just looking for an excuse to be insulted. I understood perfectly that you were attacking not people, but a gaming style inherent in a rule set.

  11. +Ark Man, write what you want on your own blog, it is yours after all, not his, mine, theirs, etc. Write what you want and we will still come and read it. Sometimes I think we are all hypersensitive these days and no one can stand other folks having differing opinions.

    Now I am off to create a slick title to a post so I can piss off the masses!

  12. @Alien - What I was trying to say that some systems help you think outside of a rigidly defined system better than others. But obviously, my ponification unit was broken on many level. :)

    @austro - Thanks for defending my right to blog. I am still gnawing on this whole issue, but at the core is the thought that I could have communicated better.

    @matt - Yeah - a devote reader. Then I shall post my full collection of ballads dedicated to My Little Pony and fully expect you to read them. :)

    Hypersensitive - yeah - that's a good issue. Only with me, it might be more that I am hypersensitive to the imagined hypersensitivity of others. Does that make sense? lol.

    - Ark

  13. D&D makes you think informally.

    People who think informally blur distinctions between doing stupid things as an accident of behavior and being inherently stupid as a defining quality.

    D&D also blurs your ability to distinguish between informal criticism of accidentally stupid behaviors and formal denunciation of inherent stupidity.