Monday, August 22, 2011

Educating The Boy

Actual photo of The Boy.
This last school year was a big bag of not fun for the boy.  Years of bullying from students and pressure to conform by teachers into some kind of Stepford playground attendant left him emotionally exhausted.

My response to a similar school experience led me to become a silent wallflower.  For the Boy, such a compromise was never really on the table.  As those of you have met him know - you know - the Boy is THE BOY, in all caps, the guy who puts a big smile on your face, causes you to laugh to the point of tears during an rpg session, can drive a teacher insane, and has the ability to attract every bully within a ten mile radius that is crusin' to destroy the different and special.

Near the end of the year, enough was enough, and we pulled him out of school and spend some quiet, calm time home schooling and emotionally recovering.

Today was the first day back to school - but this time, no brick and mortar school, and no home schooling.  He's attending an online school.  Enrolling was a bit of a hurdle, but when that was completed, they sent us books, school supplies, and a computer.  Pretty nifty set up - especially since it's a public school so all of that was free (well, we gotta send them back.)  It's kind of like home schooling, but with the heavy lifting done by the state.

After this first day he was absolutely ecstatic.  He gets to interact with teachers on the phone and on the web in a variety of ways.  The kids even get to chat with one another before classes - which are flexible time-wise.  And one of the things he seemed most excited about - he doesn't have to stick with the rest of the pack - he can go do lessons ahead of time.  He's already two lessons ahead on the first day, and we can see his progress right there, live and online as he chugs along.

I'm so happy he's liking it so far.  I'll be doing some supplemental education in the evenings.  Since we are learning to create Pathfinder characters, he'll need to learn algebra and pre-calculus.

HA!  That was a joke.  Sort of.  ;)

Things are looking up.

- Ark


  1. goodness that reminds me... I got to go back to school...

  2. That must be one hell of a stress relief for the whole family. Keep us up to date on how he's doing would you? Two classes ahead already! Yikes.

  3. Thanks for the update on THE BOY. Since I started frequenting your site, I have enjoyed the tales of your son and your gaming experiences with him and your other players. I am glad the new year is off to good start and hope it all goes well.

  4. "HA! That was a joke. Sort of. ;)"

    LOL Well, good luck to THE BOY...with that school thing and Pathfinder.

  5. @Zombie - Sorry for reminding you - but hopefully you made it back okay. :)

    @biopunk - I've been inundated by orientation stuff this week from the school, including Child Internet Safety videos and lessons designed to scare the holy living crap out of parents and student - making that Driver's ED video 'Blood Runs Red on the Highway,' look like an Easter Bunny movie. Bearing that in mind, right now I'm apt to say that The Boy is in 'a grade' and leave it at that. :(

    @Brian - Yes, a great deal of stress relief - if you don't count them scaring the crap out of me with their frikkin Internet safety videos - which, I suppose is the right thing to do - but hell - it sure turns you paranoid.

    @Padre - I'm glad you've enjoyed the tales. I do hope to have more updates about The Boy - as soon as my retinas have healed from the child Internet safety videos.

    @Matt - I think he's grokking Pathfinder quicker than I am. Crap. I'm getting old.

    - Ark

  6. I'm a longtime GM whose elder child is school-age this year, so this post made me smile. For the month of September, my five-year-old is attending public school - but then we're moving, and it's homeschooling from then on. And let me tell you, some tabletop roleplaying is sure to figure in our curriculum. :D