Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finding a Path

I picked this up today.  I'm not sure what that means.  Been debating it for a couple of years.

But, you know what curiosity killed, don't you?

My wallet!

<tin hat>

- Ark


  1. At some point in the near future, my 4e gaming group is going this way... Question is: Is it worth it?

  2. My group moved from D&D4 to Pathfinder and we found it much more enjoyable in play. Then again, we abandoned Pathfinder to play Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, so we may not be the best example.

  3. Pathfinder is definitely superior to 4E (just my opinion of course). I think of Pathfinder as a good game to play with "the guys". The same people you played with as a teenager where you could count on everyone to know how their character works, and rules mastery was important to everyone in the group.

    However, I find it to be lacking as a game for casual players who aren't interested in reading a rule book between sessions in order to be able to play their character more effectively. With these types of players, it is left to the GM to know how each player's class works, and if the GM is new, it's likely going to be enough to make his head explode.

    There is a steep learning curve. Once the group has gotten past that initial learning phase, it is a very rewarding game, but it takes patience and determination to get there.

    If you play it, I'd suggest just making judgement calls on rules you don't know, make a note of said rule, and look it up after the session. If your group tries to learn the game out of the book as you play, it will go at a snail's pace and people may get bored and/or frustrated.

    I think I might do a post on the game, since I have sort of a love/hate relationship with it. It's a great game, but not for every group.

    If you ever have any questions about the game, I'd be happy to try and answer. The people at the Paizo boards are quite helpful as well.

  4. I am running a Pathfinder campaign and thoroughly enjoy it. I was a long-time 3x player, so PF feels like D&D to me.

    Aplus gives a great summary. I, too, volunteer to help you out with any questions you might have.

    You may also be aware of a nifty little print digest making the rounds that has some Pathfinder material in it each month...


  5. @biopunk - well, I really like the art and how the book is put togther. I think, even as just a blunt weapon, the Core Rulebook is probably worth the cash. :)

    @kelvingreen - naah. Perfect example. RPG caravaning is the way to go.

    @Aplus - From the sections that I've read, i's definately a game for the 'serious gamer.' I did play in on 3.5 game once - with pregens - and I wasn't happy with it. I think your line - "If your group tries to learn the game out of the book as you play, it will go at a snail's pace and people may get bored and/or frustrated." - is very apt in describing my 3.5 experience. But now, a couple of my players a Pathfinder fans - so I have a better chance at picking up concepts better - should we ever play.

    Thanks for the explanation. I'l keep and eye out for a post about it from you.

    @christian - Thans kindly. It was probably your Loviatar that pushed me over the edge. I can't run around having a game supplement and not have the game rules, now can I? :)

    @Theo - FIRE BAD!

    - Ark