Friday, August 12, 2011

Quantum Reality Gates

Christian has been waxing poetic about Planescape, and it reminded me of what I did when I saw Sigil's treatment in the 4e DMG2.  I had never heard of Planescape (yeah, I was asleep through 2e,) but thought the idea was cool.  But my head immediately thought - Quantum Reality Gates.

So when my players hit 10th level, I dragged out my version of Sigil.  I adjusted the City of Doors to have, not only doors to other planes, but doors to other quantum realities.  What this meant was that the city was PACKED TO THE GILLS with alternate versions of the PCs - and alternate versions of their friends and enemies too.

It was quite fun, and pretty confusing too.  This one evil drow lady who had dogged the party for 5 levels - then was finally killed - popped back up in Sigil as a bartender.  A very nice bartender.

The dwarf in the party, Malgrim, was amused when a pack of Malgrims ambushed the party and tried to kill them.  He was upset - and even insulted - when he found out that all of the Malgrim's were just minions - 1 hp wonders.  He felt that his brethren should be much more powerful than that.

The thief - Dash - in the party went through a hell of a time.  It seems that one of his alternates had become the grand poo-bah head of the city-wide thieves guild, and wanted to eliminate all copies of himself in the city.  Poor thief.

It was pretty fun - especially playing the players PCs in the PCs faces.

- Ark

PS - Oh oh oh - and I made LADY versions of the PCs too.  How fun!


  1. That's great, I did a similar thing with a group running around in the plane of Shadows, they came across a group of "villains" from their past. It turned out the "Villains" where a good party from an alternate reality where the PCs where evil and had been defeated years prior.


  2. Nice--I think I know what the next major plot development in my game will be!

  3. I love it, especially the lady versions of the PCs.

    "So, DM, am I hot?"

  4. @Eric - Hey - that's a good idea. I had the party's vanquished in the Shadows, sulking. :)

    @Taketoshi - How cool! You'll have to keep me posted.

    @Christian - It was kind of creepy - so I enjoyed it immensely. :)

    - Ark