Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Behold the Druid! Beware His Powers! Unspeakable Powers!

So continuing from this post, the Labyrinth Lord gang was in a forest, armed to the teeth, standing around a magical hole on a slab of granite on the ground - a hole that lead to another magical hole 60 feet up the side of a tower half a mile away, overlooking the central courtyard of the town of Barton Hill.  It was near dusk, and they could see 30 orcs standing in formation outside of the local Church of the Lawgiver.

Yeah, if that hurt your head, you should probably go read the first post. You probably missed the whole part about the Aperture Science Portal Wands and big green dragon. :)

Anyway, one player began pitching Molotov cocktails at random roofs.  Another tossed an oil flask at the orc who looked like the leader.  Other players unleashed volleys of arrows into the startled orc platoon.

The orcs were freaking out in the town square.  To the side of the square was the church.  Now the church had had its front face ripped off, but was at such an angle that the player's couldn't see inside, yet there was a suspicion that the green dragon that they had seen landing in the town was inside.

One of the characters that The Boy is playing is Beagle the 2nd level Halfling Druid.  Okay, yeah, I am being a little lax on class restrictions - but druid halflings make perfect sense to me.  It probably stretches back to my affinity for Yondalla and the belief that all halflings would worship the Goddess of Nookie.

So Beagle drops an Entangle spell down in the courtyard, making sure that it covers the entrance of the church, and the the area of effect goes deep inside the battered holy structure.

Go grab your AEC and look up Entangle.  Page 43.  I'll wait.

Okay, I won't wait.  Go compare it with the Entangle spell in the 1st Edition Player's Handbook.  I'll wait.

Again, I tricked you.  I won't wait.  This LL first level druid spell has a range of 80' and 40' diameter of effect  - a factor of ten greater than the original spell.  I kind of think a typo might have occurred here - but I'm really not a fan of nerfing things mid-flight . . . so . . .

A 40 foot diameter.  I can't believe it.  That's enough to entangle . . . a dragon.

That was just where the frikkin dragon was sleeping too.  He was supposed to get up, look around, see the PCs and go bleach their skins until they had no more skins.  This was to be my revenge for all those horrible, horrible things the players have done to me over the years.

But still . . my pretty little lizard had a saving throw.


Double dog crap.


As Charlie Brown says when Lucy pulls the football at the last moment . . . AAAUUUGHHH!

So the dragon wakes up and finds himself entangled.  He's already nervous.  His sister was killed by a bunch of yahoos only a week ago, not twelve miles away.  He's agitated, cranky, and ready to kill something.  His opponent must be close by, so he lets loose with his breath weapon.

Clearly, the dragon was operating off his remembrances of reading Gary Gygax's version of the spell, not Dan Proctor's.

And, yeah, the big cloud of chlorine gas fills up the courtyard and kills his orc bodyguards.  Bodyguards.  There to protect him.  Him.  A dragon.

It really just gets worse from here, but I'll leave that to another day.


- Ark

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  1. Brilliant. This kind of thing happens to our GM all the time. Once he created a powerful monk NPC to kick us around a bit and teach us a lesson in humility. The monk attacked in an environment full of special hazards and tricks designed to funnel the party in a certain way so that the monk could pick us off one by one.

    Except said monk kept failing his rolls so ended up falling foul of his own traps.

    I've never seen a GM swear as much as ours that day. Still, he had fun, of a sort!