Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random Quotes from the Labyrinth Lord Game

"Hurry up!  Put on the ferret costume and dance.  There is money to be made!"

"I gather up the priestess' finger bones and make a pan flute out of them."

"Wait just a minute.  This is important.  Let me get the Zamfir video to play right."

"I hid in a bush all night in a puddle of my own urine."

"Hold on guys!  If we steal the bones, we loose the opportunity to surpise the door."

"I'm going to tea-bag the dragon with his buddy's testicles."

"I think I should really get some say in whether my character impregnated a horse or not."

"According to my calculations - given the xp value vs. damage output - orcs just really aren't worth attacking anymore."

"Are you kidding?  Why would I put my fighter on the front line when he has a sling?"

"What kind of thief are you?  You refuse to get anywhere near a trap!"

"So how does this guy have little folders with information on all of us?"

"My new family motto shall be Honoris causa in - Honor Within Reason."

- Ark


  1. Hey, he's an elf! Unless he dies in combat, he'll live for a thousand years - why would ANY elf ever come near a front line?

  2. @PSH - Um . . . maybe because he grows weary of this mortal coil and hears Death's sweet whisper from beyond the grave.

    Maybe? :)

    - Ark

  3. Another great game post. Every game sounds hilarious and exciting. Wish my group was this creative/insane.

  4. Aw, man, that's just too funny. Made my sides hurt.

  5. @Human & Bard - Thanks. It's quite a group of people. :)

    - Ark