Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Joan Crawford Has Risen From The Grave

It's that time again - time for Zombie Walk Dallas!  Last year a couple thousand of us descended upon Deep Ellum in Dallas and took over a few city blocks, eating brains, attacking ambulances and smearing public transportation with blood - all without a permit.  You know, fun for the whole family.

This year, we apparently have a permit - which, I know, I know, sounds a little less exciting - but it does reduce the chance of being hauled off to jail for unlawful assembly.  I think the permit sounds good - because this year they are shooting for eight thousand undead.

I've been notified that I'll be manning a table for part of the walk.  I think there are some duties involved.  Helping people or something like that.  Not sure.  The only one I really remember is that I get to squirt people with blood.  Lots of blood.  Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was to run a Bloody T-Shirt Contest.  Or a few.  Yeah - it should be a fun day.

So, if you are in the North Texas region on October 15th, stop by and stagger around for a while.  I hear make-up artists and psychos with big vats of blood will be around to zombify you - should you be too busy to zombify yourself.

Catholic schoolgirls have thrown away their mascara
They chain themselves to the axles of big Mack trucks
The sky is filled with hurt and shivering angels
The fat lady lives! Gentlemen, start your trucks!
                  - Blue Öyster Cult, Joan Crawford

It's just like undead LARPing, except for, well, for the LARPing part.

- Ark


  1. Joan Crawford is dead???

    Way to ruin my Wednesday!

    I'm off to console myself with watching 'Strait-Jacket' for the dozenth time... :(

  2. Oops - sorry for ruining your day Biopunk. I'll shut my mouth about Bette Davis and Greta Garbo then . . .


    - Ark