Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Candy Man

I don't care what the nay-sayers say - I love me some Savage Worlds.  Kay was hankering to run a game, so we settled on Savage Worlds Supers.  About two seconds into character creation, we realized that the only way we could pull a supers game off is if were were all villains.

We started off as normals, visiting an old friend in the hospital - a friend who was in a coma.  Suddenly, like about zero seconds into play, our latent mutant superpowers all turned on and we were off - exploring our powers and running on a destructive rampage.

The Cast of Characters:

The Brain - That's Crazy-Ass Tim's character.  He's a withered near-corpse that floats around in a hospital gown with an IV dangling from his arm.  The Brain refers to his body as 'The Husk,' and communicates via telepathy.  He specializes, of course, in MIND CONTROL.

The Flying Ferret - That's The Boy.  He's a furry guy who can fly and turn invisible.  His speciality is avoiding combat - or anything dangerous - for that matter.  This is pretty much of a continuation of the recent theme of all of The Boy's characters as of late.  The Boy refers to this character archetype as 'The Survivalist.'

Carl - Merwyn is playing Carl.  Carl is . . . completely normal.  He has no super powers.  Carl once owned a comic book shop, and knows a lot about super heroes.  Carl is, however, a super hipster.  If there is something to do in the universe, Carl has already done it before you even thought about doing it, and will mock it - and you - as easily as breathing.

The Candy Man -  This is my character.  Originally, I had named him Shatter.  He was a knock off of the Marvel character Bulls-eye - a dude with the ability to throw just about anything at anybody and kill them.  However, the first thing Shatter picked up was a bowl of peppermints and began killing people with them.  Shatter decided that killing people with candy was more fulfilling that anything else in the universe - thus THE CANDY MAN.

So, after leaving the hospital, the Flying Ferret tried to knock over a 7-11, which didn't go so well, so we decided to hit the nearest bank.  The operation was crystal smooth until two members of the local doogooders guild came to stop us - the Ice Queen and Gigglewatt - or Gigawatt, I think.

Carl was busy stuffing money into bag in back - and the Flying Ferret had run away (again, his modus operandi,) so it was up to me and The Brain - two novice characters - to best two highly seasoned heroes in tight fitting lingerie.

I decided the Ice Queen was the softer target, so I send a vicious barrage of Twizzlers at her.  In two rounds, I had killed her with candy, and began hurling Fun Sized Snickers Bars at Gigawatt, while The Brain mind-controlled the bank customers into attacking him as well.  The Flying Ferret even joined the fun, pulling out a pistol and shooting our dear hero in the back.

Well, Gigawatt zapped The Candy Man into kingdom come, blowing him back, knocking him unconscious, and permanently reducing his intelligence score.  Then he tazed the innocent civilians into unconsciousness, and blasted The Brain.

Luckily, at this point, Carl the ex-comic book store manager plowed through the front door of the bank in an armored car.  He ran over Gigawatt, then back up over his skull for good measure.  Then Carl and the Flying Ferret  loaded up the motionless Candy Man and The Brain into the car and drove off, laughing all the way.

Then there was the heated argument about how much cash one can shove into four bank bags.  Kay originally said a couple thousand dollars, but we booed him loudly, and now desperate Internet research is going on.

So, our characters have made a name for themselves and have also made a pile of money.  The only thing we lost was, well, half of my character's brain.  Fair trade, I guess.

We are now diligently awaiting our phone call from the International Organization of Evil so we can become card carrying members.

- Ark

P.S. - I am deeply concerned that the only time that we really cooperate as players is when we are being evil bastards.  Okay, well, I am not too concerned, but it does make me wonder . .  . :)


  1. "Shatter decided that killing people with candy was more fulfilling that anything else in the universe..."

    I admire people with a singular purpose and vision. As Dennis Leary says, "You gotta have goals."

  2. That is strangely inspiring. I now want to start a supers campaign.

  3. I have been dying to get my group to try a villainous campaign (or at least just a few sessions) for years.


  4. The best part was that it wasn't really intentional - we started out with the best of intentions, but with great power comes great temptation to make people shoot themselves and kill them with exploding candy.

    At least, I think that's how the saying goes :shrug:

  5. A stack of hundred dollar bills, of lets say $2,000 is less than an inch high. So four bank bags of the larger variety could hold quite a bit of cash. So your villainous group has a bit of operating capital, unless you blow it all on Jelly Bellies and Necco Wafers.

  6. Oh and I'm sure the I.O.O.E. has a hefty membership fee...

  7. Very cool write up. Sounds like a fun game.

    So, I guess I haven't seen what the naysayers are nay-saying about Savage Worlds. I like it myself. It's a nice change of pace.