Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the OSR . . .

Without further ado . . .

Yay.  I can draw cartoon boobies.

I had meant to write about five gazillion blog posts over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Instead, I wrote butkis.  Nada, zilch . . . nothing.  Not even a Dungeonspiration posts.  I suppose I could could apologize - but I really dislike when people apologize for not writing enough in their blog.  It's like they did something wrong.  Advocating genocide in your blog?  Okay, that's wrong.  Not posting enough?  NOT WRONG.  Lazy maybe, but not wrong. :)

So I've been drawing a lot, fiddling with different styles and whatnot.  The elf chick popped out when I was actually trying to draw something else - but I decided to color and ink it anyway - since I liked her expression.  But just the picture was kind of weird, so I gave it a caption.

POOF - it's a MEME!

Yay!  It's the "In the OSR . . ." meme!  Everyone jump on the bandwagon and go create something - a poem or macaroni art or whatnot.  Try to be actually funny - unlike me.

Like so much of my OSR art, I'm giving this to the community.  I doubt that anyone really wants it - but feel free to repost, spindle, and mutilate.

Ohhh - btw - I won an award!  Thanks Tim! (Not Crazy-Ass Tim, but the Other Tim.) Apparently, my blog is 'quirky.'  I had no idea.  I'm going to have to go look that up in the dictionary to find out what it means.

- Ark


  1. Finally, someone who gets what the OSR is really all about!

    By the way, you could have fit more cartoon boobs in the areas covered with that scrawl I didn't read because it wasn't cartoon boobs. Just sayin'.

  2. @Theo - Okay, you've inspired me. I shall now attempt to draw the Artemis of Ephesus.

    @Eric - Yay! Theft!

    - Ark

  3. Hey, if you're looking for stuff to talk about, you could always review Pellatarrum, my gonzo D&D campaign-world-in-progress...

  4. @Erin - It's because of YOU that I'm seriously thinking about drawing Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. YOUR fault. YOURS.

    Ideas are rarely an issue for me - it's time enough for follow-thru. But yeah, I've liked everything I've seen out of Pellatarrum, so a review would actually be a good idea and sounds fun.

    - Ark

    PS - For my next trick, I will draw the My Little Pony invasion of Pellatarrum.

  5. For my next trick, I will draw the My Little Pony invasion of Pellatarrum.


  6. I agree, if someone doesn't post it's not wrong. But also, it's not lazy either.

    Go you for drawing cartoon boobies.

  7. In the OSR... we gaze at navels.

    (Fits the picture pretty well, I think...)

  8. @Erin - It's funny, as I sketch the MLPs, I find I have to turn off my brain - otherwise it tries to think too hard about what I am doing and it tries to rebel. :)

    @Whisk - Er . . . I should probably clarify that, as a software engineer, I find laziness to be an important, nay, VITAL component of humanity - and indeed - any engineering project. Laziness drives efficiency - and engineering is all about efficiency. So, I try to be as lazy as possible - you know - to make the world better.

    @Aplus - Awesome!

    @Brian - Thanks kindly. :)

    - ARk

  9. Congrats on the award. Quirky suits the blog and you ;)