Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Talk, Part Two

This conversation happened a while ago, and was of monumental importance, but like so many things of monumental importance, they get swept up in the hubbub of life.

We were driving to the YMCA where The Boy has his swimming lessons twice a week.  This was before daylight savings time kicked in (or out - I can never remember how that works,) so it was still light then, as opposed to now, when we drive to the Y in the dark.

"So," I said, "We've played Pathfinder several times now.  How are you liking it?"

"I like it a lot," he nodded his head in an exaggerated fashion while adjusting his swimsuit.  The boy was born a swimmer.  He couldn't have been a few months old when his mother took him into the pool and he desperately pushed away from her - convinced in his little head that he could swim like everyone else.

"You remember we were just taking a break from 4e so we could see what Pathfinder was like - right?" I asked.  I didn't want him to think we had abandoned his favorite game.

"Yeah," he watched the traffic out the window.  Today was one of those once a month 'safety' days at the Y, where the class was less about swimming and more about responsibility.  The boy really wasn't impressed with such days.

"I want you to know that I haven't forgotten 4e.  We can start back up any time you want."

"No, that's okay," he said.  The Boy has had a lot of swimming classes, working all the way up from Polliwog to Shark.  Soon in his future may be the swim team, and perhaps, one day, he may become a lifeguard.  It's up to him and where his love of swimming takes him.

"Huh?" I said, "Don't you want to play 4e?"

"No, that's okay.  Pathfinder if funner.  It's more freer like Labyrinth Lord and you're not stuck with all of those powers.  It's simpler and I can do more of what I want to do," he told me.

I almost ran over a cluster of children while turning into the YMCA parking lot.  "Really?" I asked, "I thought 4e was like your home, and you felt more comfortable in your home."  I was trying to suppress a smile.  Finally, he was over the 4e phase and we could focus on good old-fashioned D&D.

The Boy shook his head while getting out of the car and grabbing his towel.  "No dad, just because a role playing game is your first one, doesn't mean it's the best or the funnest.  Don't you know that?"

I collected my sketchbook and pencils from the back seat and quietly followed The Boy into the YMCA, reflecting deeply on what my son had just said.

- Ark

(FYI, the original 'The Talk' posting is here.)