Saturday, December 17, 2011

What the OSR Means To Me

This dude agrees with me.
He even thinks I'm funny.
After over a year of contemplation, I have finally discovered what the OSR means to me.

Well, the acronym, at least. Sums it up perfectly, I think.

Old, Senile Roustabouts.


- Ark


  1. Roustabouts?! I am offended, defended and suspended by that remark. Roustabouts indeed. There must have been dust on that word when you brought it out!


  2. Roustabouts?

    Naw, it has to be Rummagers

    Rummagers, searching for *that* copy of *that* game in *that* box that is around here *somewhere*...

  3. Hmm...looks more like Old School Dental Hygiene...