Thursday, January 5, 2012

What Happens When You Let The Demons Read Carcosa

Happy New Year!  I'll remember 2011 as the year I moved from a rather monotonous diet of 4e games in the RPGA to full fledged nostalgia overload with the OSR, through the conspicuous consumption of ancient role playing paraphernalia and glorious, glorious mass killing of PCs.

I also started blogging seriously (or not so seriously) about my old school gaming and the process of bringing my son into the fold.  This year I'm going to be putting more focus into drawing with the Rather Gamey comic.  I had a lot of fun drawing the My Little Pellatarrum mock comic for Erin Palette, so I figure I might as well stay the course.

So, Thursdays will now alternate between Dungeonspiration articles and the comic.  Hopefully - if things go right - I can graduate to TWO or maybe THREE panels per comic.  Woot!

(No actual correlation between the term 'comic' and the concept of 'humor' is implied.)

- Ark

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