Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dungeonspiration: Snapshots

I love the way images can inspire ideas.  I love to browse pictures to get ideas for stories, games, and art.  Here are some things to jostle your brain:

From some bovine racing competition in Sumatra, Pacu Jawi by ~dularif

A different kind of racing animal, Bike with shinny bits by ~koukei

What a lovely home for a Lich, August Burns Red by ~bleed-the-sky

Do the PCs dare move the rocks?  Against physics 1 by ~Faunish

A dangerous rainbow impact, Life in the Valley by ~sleepingwithgiants

Nighttime wandering monster roll, Bed by *Hoffine

+1 to Astral Travelling, Magic Mushroom by ~Tul-152

- Ark

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