Friday, March 16, 2012

75,000 Kiriban!

My all time pageviews hit 75,000.  I was all excited about that until I realized that most of those hits were from people not at all interested in the blog's actual content, which is made clear by the search engine queries that brought them here:

эрик картман
anakin's penis
B/X futanari racial class
brain melting picture
dungeons and dragons and dingos
elminster pron
eric cartman's big fat ass
gothridge manor
halfling porn
happy trees
jeff rients is god
lemur poop coffee
little pony want some candy?
my little futanari
my little pony cosplay naked
my little pony hentai strap-on
naked ponies
nude dwarf under mountain  moria
old school sploshing
old school tentacle sex hentai spaghetti
pictures of fish
rather gamey sux
rather gamey blows
rather gamey is narcissistic
robot jesus christ dinosaur transformer
rotten baby flesh being consumed by maggots
skyrim arrow
skyrim lydia bondage rope riding crop
yeast infection magical
zamfir pan flute KY jelly

But at least the 'right' sort of people are reaching the blog, so it all works out in the end . . . I guess.


- Ark

P.S. Oh wow - the members/followers/whatever stat says 200 as of today as well.  Wow.  That's just amazing.  Thanks guys and gals.


  1. I see about 3000 of my hits are from an image of a 4th edition D&D character sheet that turns up high on Google Image Search.

    Somehow that's more disturbing than being directed my way by "nude dwarf under mountain moria."

  2. I need to add more Gojira, Mothra, and King Ghidorah to my blog, clearly. Most of my bogus hits are from wacky sites rather than wacky searches.

  3. zamfir pan flute KY jelly, but no Bronies?

    Damn, the internet is broken!

  4. I find it more demoralising that my most hits come from me checking to see how many hits I've had...