Friday, March 30, 2012

Refrigerator Art

The boy has been busy illustrating our games, so it's time to hang some of the pictures on the virtual icebox here.

First up is from our Second Edition D&D game that Crazy-Ass Tim runs. The Boy's dwarf,  Luke Daggerbeard, is shown here fighting off a vicious ice dragon that was attacking our flying boat.  Luke landed the final blow that slew the beast:

Next up is the Star Without Numbers game that I run.  Sergeant Kevalt Laranzo, security chief of the Fat Tuesday, is below, pushing back wave after wave of the zombie-like Husks.  The Husks were headless corpses controlled by the Amazon Floral Hive Mind, who had it out for the party in a big way.  In the background sits a grav tank that the party appropriated from the deceased, zombified soldiers on the lonely jungle planet.  AR-50, the party's resident robot PC, mans the fifty cal on top of the tank:

And finally, we have some wish fulfillment.  Kevalt recently purchased a gravcycle, which one day he hope to fly out of the Fat Tuesday's loading ramp while descending onto a planet, rushing into combat like . . . like a Mechanized Valkyrie.  Hopefully, his wish will come true soon:


- Ark


  1. Damn, your kid has some mad pencil skills.

  2. Quite the talented artist!

    Coincidentally, I just posted some artwork that my little girl, Joy, made for me over on my bog Daddy Rolled a 1. She's only 2 1/2 so it was mostly just robot stickers instead of actual drawings, but it's still fun so see the stuff that your kids come up with.

    I think it's really heat that your boy is actually illustrating scenes from your gaming sessions! That's super cool.

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