Monday, April 16, 2012

Anthropomorphized RPGs

This is a call for descriptions of role playing games in anthropomorphic form.  Odd, yeah.  Check my OSR-tan blog entry for a more in-depth explanation, but to simplify, I'm looking for descriptions of roleplaying games as people.  Just pick a game and describe it as a person down in the comments.  It doesn't have to be 'osr' - whatever that means.  New games are fine too.  OSR is just a play on OSR here.

Chris, over on the original OSR-Tan post, has kicked us off with some excellent descriptions.  More please!  Remember, the descriptions should be descriptions of the rpgs in human (or demihuman) form, with characteristics or traits that back up the 'essence' of that game.  Both positive and negative elements can be explored, and games can be described multiple times by multiple people.

So go for it and have fun.  Thanks!

- Ark

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  1. AD&D 4E is only three feet tall, but he's full of his own importance! He's got rich brown hair, but male pattern baldness, so most of his scalp is bare. He wears a mustache he considers stylish and curls his hair up towards his scalp in large curves. He wears a puffed up suit of green velvet, with a high collar, and a blue and white vertical striped bowtie. His vest is a plaid of brown on yellow, and he wears an enormous pocketwatch on a gold chain hanging from his vest pocket. He's a rotund little man, with jowls and a double chin.