Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vorpal Lapels

This is me, eagerly awaiting the publication of Dungeons and Dragons, which was a couple of months off at the time.  Okay, admittedly, I would have no idea what D&D was until about six years later, but still, I was ready to DM.  Just look at . . .

  1. Those pudgy little fingers, itching to roll d20s,
  2. Those buster browns, ready to stomp on the aspirations of all the PCs, 
  3. The vorpal lapels, sharpened to a keen edge and ready to decapitate players late for the game,
  4. The velour vest with a belt . . . um . . . dear god.  I know nothing about fashion, but even I know that such an outfit is tantamount to child abuse.  Seriously, Mother, what were you thinking?  

I just threw up in my mouth a little.  Please excuse me for a bit.

- Ark


  1. Oh yeah- there are photos of me like that in the wonderful fashion of the day. I remember once coming last in a running race at a picnic with a pile of kids, because of the stupid sailor flares on my jeans. No wonder us kids all wanted to escape reality and pretend to be wizards and stuff...

  2. Somewhere there is a picture of a 8 year old me in a Lime-Green leisure suit my mother dressed me in for a wedding. The Brady Bunch kids wore far more subdued clothing.