Tuesday, May 1, 2012

36 Cent War

I've been reading the rules for the Tomorrow's War scifi wargame and am impressed by the combat system.  The design seems to focus on having the game feel like a fluid, interactive battle, rather than a chess match.

As always, table size is one of my biggest concerns.  If I use my 28mm Star Wars figures, the intro game would be on a six by six foot game board.  At 15mm, it plays on a 3x3, which is quite a bit better.  But before I go invest in 15mm pewter, I figured I could do something with copper.  Well, zinc.  Abraham ain't made of the same metal that he used to be.

Merwyn, however, has some very spiffy 15mm scifi grutns and hover tanks, so after my beta testing, I'll go over and play with his toys. :)

- Ark

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