Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Naming A Champions Superhero Character

Kaye has been working for, what, a week or two on his super hero.  Suddenly this moring we get an email from him.  This is the exchange:

Kaye: Quick! Give me some ideas for Superhero names!
Me: Putrid Pete. Engorged Man. Left Eyeball Lad. Lactating Larry.
Kaye: Yeah, I forgot to mention that he does not have the power to lactate. Good try though.
Me: Okay, well, what powers does he have?  Or should we just go with the obvious and call him MinMaxMan?
Kaye: Well his powers are super strength, flight and energy projection. And he is not totally min/max. He has one weakness.
Me: Well obviously, he should be called Superman.
Kaye: God damn I hate you. I was about to reply about how he is nothing like superman then I looked at his powers I have the urge to rework all his powers again. Are you happy now!
Me: One day I will be able to breath again.  Until them, I am laughing too hard to inhale.

Any email exchange with Kaye is normally a source of hours of amusement. :)

- Ark


  1. I love conversations like this, that make me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love how he needed the name QUICK!

  3. Awesome! I love it.

    OK two things come to mind immediately...

    Why do people have so much trouble coming up with superhero and supervillain names? I swear, it's my favorite part of playing or running Supers campaigns because it's pretty much the easiest thing in the world to do. Here's some hints on how to come up with cool ones on the fly...get a thesaurus, read it, get a dictionary, read it, when talking and listening to others talk, pay attention to slang, colloquialisms and common use expressions of all kinds. Do a synonym search on Google.

    Second...So one time my old group are all sitting around playing Villains & Vigilantes and one guy rolls up Superman. I mean he gets Invulnerability, Super Strength, Flight, Power Blast and a think one odd one like Mutant Power or Body Power. For those unfamiliar with the game, those are basically excuses to come up with wacky stuff not normally covered by the rules. I think he had some kind of heightened or unusual sensory power.

    When asked about his origin, the player who rolled him up explains, really excited, "OK, check this out...He's an alien see and his home planet was destroyed. So, umm, OK, he comes to Earth where a farmer and his wife help him assimilate to Earth culture. Now he defends the Earth to live up to the moral standard set by his Earth family."

    The room is silent. Everyone stares at him, unsure if he is kidding or just doesn't see the forest through the trees. Finally, with perfect comedic tone and timing, another player shakes his head and says, "Nah. It'll never sell."

    We all fall down laughing and it isn't until someone actually says, "Dude! That's SUPERMAN!" does he finally get it, though he insists that in his head, with details that he left out in the telling, it is nothing like Superman at all (actually there were some similarities to the Milestone Comics character ICON).