Friday, May 11, 2012

That Man Is Playing Galaga

The Boy and I went to go see The Avengers today.  I must say, I'm not sure how you could make a more perfect comic book movie.  By letting Joss Whedon do a sequel maybe?  And the lines - wow - just great.  Robert Downey Jr. just lords over the screen.  Galaga.  Really.  Just Galaga, man.


- Ark

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  1. Yeah, Avengers beats out Dark Knight for my favorite comic book movie. Dark Knight is awesome in a, "I am going to use the medium of superheroes to say something about society" sort of way, but Avengers is awesome in a, "Hey Kids - COMICS!" way. The latter, I think, is better for the genre as a whole in the long run. After the trailer for Amazing Spiderman, some small child in the theater I saw it at exclaimed (quite loudly), "WOW MOM I WANT TO SEE THAT!" Forget Roger Ebert, that's the review that matters.