Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dungeonspiration: Virgil Finlay

At this year's NTRPGCON, I had the good fortune to sit down with Diesel LaForce and discuss art.  As he was digging through a box of his his Deities and Demigods remakes to show me, I began to grill him on his pen and ink technique.  After describing his approach, Diesel began to talk of his influences - one of the biggest being Virgil Finlay.

Finlay was an illustrator for pulp magazines back in their heyday.  Diesel was particularly impressed with the stippling and cross-hatching techniques that Finlay did in his works.  I hadn't heard of the artist, so looked him up after I got back home.  Well, of course I had seen Finlay's work - I just didn't know who he was.  And Finlay's art - yeah - wow.

Here is a brief sampling:

Strange Compulsion

Roads Claus Rescue Serinna

Call Him Demon

The Sheeted Dead
On  the Edge of the Galaxy

I know Virgil Finlay's work definitely inspires me.  Not only to improve my drawing abilities, but to run games in settings that spring to mind when viewing Finlay's work.  Check out Virgil Finlay on the various search engines.  His stuff is out there, all over the place.




  1. Love the Kirby dots on Call Him Demon.

    1. @Roger - Yeah, those are cool - and the thing they form - Some sort of inter-dimensional flower maybe? Hard to tell - but very cool looking.

      - Ark