Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friendly Local Game Store: Roll2Play

Yesterday was the soft opening of Roll2Play, a new game store within comfortable cycling distance from my house.  Roll2Play has been an online store for a while, but the owner, Tiffany Franzoni, finally realized her dream of going brick and mortar.  She's a vocal and active advocate of gaming and spends lots of time at conventions around the state.

Roll2Play isn't just some hole in the wall.  Tiffany Franzoni has made her store into something quite wonderful, jam-packed with games and done up with natural wood displays, tables, and chairs.  It's equal parts store and gamer hangout, and the vibe is - well - it just feels like home when you walk in.  Board games are available to play at any time, and heck, there is even a setup for mini painting.

So me, The Boy, and a couple of friends stopped by to support the 'Amazing Tiffany' and her staff last night.  I brought Labyrinth Lord and a copy of In Search of the Unknown just in case we felt like playing some D&D.  Well, we plopped down at a table, and within no time, gamer gravity took effect and we had a D&D  game of 8 people going - some of the people I had never met before and who had never played an old school RPG.

You know, for a long time, I had this dream of running an open-type rpg - where people could just wander in and start playing an rpg I was running.  Other games store were . . . okay . . . but nothing ever clicked like I saw it in my head.  My vision was very similar to the way I heard Tim Kask describe game nights at Gary Gygax' house in the early years.  Well, last night felt exactly like that. Well, sans Gary Gygax.

So, looks like my new home is Roll2Play, where I'll be slaughtering countless people I've just met.  And  playing some boardgames too.  Tiffany has stacks of them just sitting there waiting to be played on her 'free to play' shelf.  Space Hulk and Dragon Inn were just sitting there, beckoning to me.

Excuse me.  The drool on my chin is unsightly - I know.  But I just can't help it.


- Ark

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  1. Not necessarily in my neck of the DFW area, but I'll definitely have to make the trek to check out the store's digs!