Sunday, June 10, 2012

NTRPG Con 2012 - Day Four

Circus Maximus on Thursday via JohnGaunt
I had a Red Bull for breakfast this morning. That one didn't take, so I had another.

Sundays are sleepy affairs at conventions - people staggering around nursing coffees and headaches. The Boy and I got back to the hotel in time to play in Jeff Dee's Quicksilver game.

Quicksilver is a 2d10 based game. I like the system. It is elegant and very simple - a perfect system to run at a con and detailed enough to be a used in a larger campaign. It's point buy with skills, so die-hard OD&Ders won't be happy - but then again, they've already got their game, don't' they? :)

I absolutely loved the critical successes and failures system, brought on by duplicate results with the roll of a the two ten-siders. It scales beautifully so that if you were good at something, the less critical failures you would have, and vice-versa - something that doesn't happen in d20 games that I've seen. And the crit results were great, and I definitely need to steal the Jeff's stuff for some of the systems I play.

We played with a great couple from Midland, Texas, where I used to live, and Zeb Cook. Zeb played a goblin who didn't know the rest of the party's language very well, so he was stuck communicating to us in only one syllable words. That's another great mechanic in the game, and I think particularly fun for cons.

I had gotten to talk to Zeb the day before of my bizarre history with second edition, and admitted that for two decades I wasn't very happy with him about the whole thing - and he had just smiled. :)

About halfway through the game, Crazy-Ass Jim (purestrainhuman) showed up finally to take part in the convention - mainly to buy stuff. After introducing him to Jeff Dee, I took a look over at Zeb.

Now, Crazy-Ass Tim was brought into D&D through Second Edition, and Zeb Cook has been a HUGE idol of his for a LONG time. But, of course, Tim had no idea what Zeb looked like.

Squealing Fangirls
So, with an evil gleam in my eye, I grabbed Tim, took him around the table, and introduced him point blank to Mr Cook.

I really wish I had a camera, because to see Crazy-Ass Tim, who is a sizable man, melt into a little squealing fangirl was just precious. I will laugh hysterically and rib him about it for decades to come. Again, NTRPGCON has paid for itself many times over.

It's the simple things in life, yanno?

You can read Crazy-Ass Tim's version of events at this post over on his blog, From the Ashes.

So anyway, we played the game and all survived. Quicksilver is a fun one. I'd recommend it.

I spent the rest of the time at the con talking to people until - especially another long session with David LaForce. Very cool dude. But, alas, Red Bull was wearing off, so The Boy and I drove home, where I promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Now, in these last four post outlining my adventures at NTRPGCON, I've done a lot of name-dropping. Please don't mistake that with some desire to make myself seem important. I'm just some schmo meeting my idols.

What I AM trying to impress upon you is that your idols are out there. The people who wrote the games that you love. The people who put that stamp upon your personality - that gaming bug - that will never go away. They are out there and they are going to these mini-cons around the world and they are wonderful people and they are approachable and will put up with you acting like squealing little fangirls.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:


I certainly have no regrets. :)

- Ark


  1. I didn't squeal!


    It was more like a shriek. A manly shriek. Practically a bellow. Yeah.

  2. Ark makes a good point, these guys are accessible to everyone at the con, and they will play in a lot of each other's games. Jeff Dee seemed really pleased when Erol Otus signed up for his Cavemaster session!