Friday, June 8, 2012

NTRPG Con 2012 - Day One

It's late and my head hurts, but that doesn't prevent me from smiling.  The Boy and I just got back from day one of NTRPG Con.

We got to the hotel earlier than I had hoped, so we were able to watch the charity game.  Well, I got to watch it.  The Boy was lucky enough to win a raffle allowing him to play in the game.  So, my son got to play first edition AD&D with Doug Rhea, Jim Ward, Steve Winter, Jennell Jaquays, Tim Kask, Sandy Petersen, and Frank Mentzer.

Jealous much?

I must say, I would have never guessed Sandy Peterson, the main author of the game Call of Cthullu, would be so hilarious playing a halfling.  All the players were great fun to watch.  Really.  Watching that game alone was worth the entire price of admission for the con.  Steve Winter as a druid cursed with pyromania against trees?  Jim Ward playing a . . . mage maybe . . . who was a habitual liar trying to get everyone killed?  Sandy the halfling and Tim Kask the gnome riding a horse in saddle bags.  Then Frank Metnzer filling the saddle bags with manure?  I mean - wow - my sides still hurt.

Regretfully, the Urutsk game did not happen.  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I hope Timeshadows is okay.

Instead, the Boy and I played Circus Maximus.  I was kind of skeptical, since it was a chariot race rather than a role playing game - but now I know - if you ever have a chance to play that game - play it.  It's like the chariot races in Ben Hur - but nastier.  The first game was viscous, with many contestants getting splattered.  Near the end, the Boy destroyed my chariot, killing me, and winning a coveted spot on the Red Team for the Finals on Saturday morning.

Later, I fought in a match for a spot on the White Team.  I spent far too much time bashing people, and being bashed, and nearly too late realized that I would never win with speed in my crippled chariot.  So, I lurked around the track at slow speed, attacking charioteers as they raced by, hoping to win by attrition.  Oddly enough, I freaked so many people out, and they made enough fatal mistakes trying to avoid me, that I won a spot on the White Team.

So Saturday, the Boy and I will be battling each other on opposing teams in a Circus Maximus Death Match that will be remembered for all time.  Well, at least until the next con rolls around.

You might get the impression that I had a good time today - and you'd be right. :)

Now, I must get to sleep or my ears will start to bleed.  Good night.

- Ark

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  1. I love Circus Maximus. Still have my Avalon Hill edition out in the garage.

    I wish I could've made it up there con this yearm but unfortunately, work couldn't spare me. My buddy (and author of the Field Guide to Doomsday blog) Justin is there and was updating us on his very first time playing B1 last night.