Saturday, June 9, 2012

NTRPG Con 2012 - Day Two

Take my exhaustion from yesterday and multiply it a couple of times and you'll gt my exhaustion level right now.  But it was a great day all the way round.  I probably should go to sleep, but last year I tried to get a lot of rest before I wrote much about the con - and it backfired - becoming a jumbled mush in my head.  So I'm writing now.

Today was a bit lighter.  We hung out most of the day without actively gaming, just chatting with people, watching others game, and rooting loudly in other Circus Maximus contests.

I had a great talk with Diesel LaForce.  We discussed his time back at TSR and what he's been doing since - and he showed me his own project to recreate some of the lost works from the TSR years.  Wonderful stuff.  His work has just moved light years since Deities and Demigods.  We then went into his techniques with pen and the artists that he tries to emulate.  He's also doing sculpting these days, and The Boy fell in love with a dragon piece, so he not only bought one for himself, the Boy also bought one for a new found friend of his at the con.  My son amazes me often with his generosity.  Diesel seems like a great guy too. :)

The Boy and I sat down with Frank Menzter during dinner and we ate Schlotzsky's sandwiches together.  Frank regaled us with stories of his participation in the Gettysburg Centennial celebration - at Gettysburg.  He's been involved with some really cool stuff.  And, you know, talking to a guy who can describe what the downstairs and upstairs of Gary Gygax's house looked like - including what pictures hung on the walls - is just way cool anyway. I wasn't able to get into any of his games this time around, but it was a pleasure to get to sit down and talk to him.  Hopefully next year we'll get to play in something of his.

The evening was spend playing OD&D with Tim Kask.  Erol Otus was there too.  Tim ran us through Snakeriders of the Aradondo.  I was somewhat apprehensive about playing with Tim - as he always seem to to me as being a bit gruff and, well, a guy who didn't put up with shit from players.  And certainly The Boy and I can dish out big piles of shit.  But he was great.  I mean, still, he was a mean bastard of a DM who didn't take any shit from us, but a DM who can howl in laughter at the PCs antics certainly isn't too gruff.  We didn't complete our objective - midnight came around way too soon - so I guess the world ended (really) but officially, only two in the party died.  The first was eaten by monkeys and became monkey poo.  That will teach him to sleep in a tree during his watch, eh?  And the second death was when another player was bitten in half by a giant snake.  The Boy, Erol, I, and the rest of the team survived officially, I guess, so all was good.  I mean, as long as you don't count the whole end of the world thing. :)

So, I'm exhausted, and will crash after I strain my bleary eyes over this post to check for typos.  Goodnight.

- Ark

P.S. - Oh, and this guy here is a great dude.  We keep on crossing paths and it is always a blast.

P.S.S. - Oh oh oh.  And this guy here is great too.  He makes these great wooden dice at Artisan Dice - some of which the Boy now owns.  Very beautiful stuff.

Okay, really, time to sleep . . .


  1. You and the boy have become staples of the TxCon for me now. Glad to see you guys had a good time again and it sure was a pleasure trading mockeries with you guys from across the table. Too bad we couldn't get a lunch run to line up but that gives us both a reason to show up next year! Good times!

    1. It was great to see you there. You know, I thought Tim Kask was going to physically strangle me for suggesting that one guy burn a healing surge in his OD&D game. :) But yes - next year we must dine somewhere fabulous - like Arby's or something.

      - Ark